Attention, fans of the hit TV show “Friends”! Matthew Perry now has an Instagram account; we repeat: Matthew Perry now has an Instagram account!  

It seems like until now, we are still all a bit hung-over the hit TV show “Friends. So somehow, seeing the interactions of the actors in real life is a big moment for all of us. After all, these people played important and relatable characters who all taught us valuable lessons in life.

So when just yesterday, Matthew Perry – who played the sarcastic yet adorable character of Chandler – apparently opened an Instagram account, we were really thrilled! Just check out the Instagram post below of star Lisa Kudrow where she welcomes the actor into the IG world through a very iconic line of her own “Friends” character, Phoebe.

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Finally!!! Yay!! Can’t believe my eyes MY EYES Welcome to Instagram @mattyperry4 #friendsforlife

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Just like we were watching an ordinary “Friends” episode, we really laughed out loud at Lisa Kudrow’s funny caption. Who could compete with “MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!!“?

The friends are now complete.

Even though we can already keep track of Matthew Perry through his Twitter account, it is still nice that now, he has his own Instagram account. As of writing, he now has gathered 1.8 million followers. Although, he has yet to post a single photo.

It was nice noting too though that among the 21 people he’s following, the first ones he followed were his “Friends” co-stars: Matt LeBlancLisa KudrowJennifer AnistonCourteney Cox and David Schwimmer.

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