Embracing the complexity of the adult world and romances, The Nimfa Dimaano story ‘Hayop Ka!’ breaks through as a one-of-a-kind Pinoy animated film!

“Serious drama. Sexy romance. Intriguing intrigue.” The Nimfa Dimaano story, ‘Hayop Ka!’ trailer showed off a bomb trailer a few hours ago. As a matter of fact, it’s better than what we expected. And now, we’re just all dying to know who Nimfa Dimaano is.

From the makers of Saving Sally, a new Filipino animated film sets course to a welcoming audience. ‘Hayop Ka!’ (You Son of A Bitch) follows the crazy and chaotic romance of Nimfa Dimaano. Set in a world populated by anthropomorphic animals, Nimfa Dimaano thrives as a cat saleslady in MOA, Mall of Aso. So far, the premise revolves around the fate of her relationship. Falling in love with two people at the same time.

She currently has a boyfriend, in the form of Roger, a buff-looking askal. However, she gets tangled with her customer, a rich husky named Iñigo. From there, the problems keep on snowballing, as well as the puns. And Nimfa finds herself in a ditch whether to go for the person who was there for her since day once or the dreamy prince that will probably change her whole world.

Zootopia meets The Amazing World of Gumball

But better. Just like in the Disney film ‘Zootopia’, ‘Hayop Ka!’ has anthropomorphic animals living in the world. Different animals and species of all shapes and sizes. And it mainly focuses on how Nimfa Dimaano traverses in her adulthood. It might be an animated film but this one’s definitely catered to adults. Especially the working class.

And just like ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’, the mundanity of life, especially adulthood is tackled. For sure, the art is bright and cute. While the animation is as smooth as it can be. But what really sets it apart is how the world they’ve built works. For starters, it doesn’t miss out on puns, memes, and jokes. You can spot witty signages, even their technology, how relatable it is. Those kinds of stuff is literally everywhere. If you look enough in the trailer, there are a few you can see.

Sure, the storyline is a bit tacky and cliché. But somehow, it oozes with a charm that you really can’t seem to put a finger. And that’s not all! Because the cast of the film is quite star-studded as well. Angelica Panganiban voices Nimfa, Robin Padilla as Roger and Sam Milby as Iñigo. Empoy Marquez will also be there voicing a frog and Arci Muñoz as another sleek cat.

They haven’t announced yet when the movie will be premiering. But whenever that is, we’re sure that it’s worth the wait.

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