Spoilers alert! Don’t read on if you haven’t seen the latest GoT episode yet as we discuss the meaning behind Missandei’s “Dracarys”.

Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4. The Last of the Starks. It might seem that the episode is aligned and centered to the Stark siblings, including Jon himself. However, the death of the last woman of color on the show overshadowed it. After the separation of Jon and Tormund and Brienne and Jaime, Missandei bids goodbye. For good. And before her last breath, she shouted her last words, the possible trigger of the next war, “Dracarys”.

Missandei of Naath, has always been the trusty, wise and conscientious advisor to Daenerys Targaryen. The right-hand woman to the Queen, she’s shown to be bold as she is wise. Not only that, she was the last woman of color left in the show, after the recent deaths of many, all throughout the eight seasons. Her romance with Grey Worm, leader of the Unsullied and another reliable comrade of Dany, puts to shame other love teams of the show. That’s why it’s awfully devastating as we all witnessed Missandei’s death this early in this season.

Quick recap

Apparently, Dany and her remaining Unsullied and Dothraki armies headed to King’s Landing in haste. They plan to catch Cersei off guard, despite Sansa’s disagreement. But still, Dany and company proceeded, only to be ambushed by Euron and his fleet. In amidst the ambush, Rhaegal got killed while Missandei got taken as prisoner. With a hostage at hand, Cersei orders the Mountain to behead Missandei in front of Dany and company. Before Missandei was beheaded, Cersei gave her a chance to say her last words. But Missandei only shouted “Dracarys” before her head rolls and her body went limp.

Indeed, her death was awfully devastating. Not only because of being a comrade of Dany. But because she was the most well-rounded and positive representation of a woman of color all throughout the series. Despite not having a rich backstory provided by the writers, fans are aware of how tragic her life is. From a slave in Mereen, she rose her ranks to being the advisor of Dany. She earned the life of freedom, fell in love and began to support a woman who aims to change the world for the better. Truth to be told, her life was nothing but service. But when she was released as a slave, it became her choice to serve Dany, through thick and thin.


And with her last words, “Dracarys” meant that it was time to raise hell in King’s Landing. It was more of a motivational pep talk for Dany. Dracarys means “dragon fire” in High Valyrian. It’s the words that Dany uses to signal her dragons to rain fire upon enemies. And in this case, it was Missandei’s last call of support for her queen. We’ve all known that Dany swore to show mercy and be a considerate queen. Not a mad conqueror out for blood, as per Tyrion’s advice. This meant that Dany won’t be raining fire all throughout the Red Keep in order to kill Cersei and her henchmen. But so far, to be honest, the patience and brooding cost her much. So damn much.

But with Missandei’s last word ringing in her ears, Dany must have heard the call for battle. The call for war. It meant that Missandei wants to see Cersei burn the same way Dany’s enemies burned. Just like how her previous masters in Mereen burned.

Will her death raise hell for King’s Landing this time? We’re not quite sure but if Dany is as one-track minded, then they’ll be hell-raising to happen in the next few episodes. So you better stay tuned the next episodes of Game of Thrones Season 8 for the next few weeks.

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