The Hows Of Us Movie is now showing in more than 200 cinemas nationwide! And thanks to all the fans tweeting #TheHowsOfUsWorldPremiere since last night, and now #TheHowsOfUsNowShowing, the movie is still the number one trending topic in the Philippines. Great job, guys! U do u 😉

Another thing we love about The Hows Of Us movie is that it features how a couple, with one of them trying to make it in the music scene, can struggle if their priorities are not as aligned as they want it to be. Sound familiar, anyone?

The movie is about the story of Daniel Padilla’s character, Primo, and his relationship with Kathryn Bernerdo’s character, George. So, what are the hows of this relationship?

The two are young lovers with two very defined visions for their lives. Primo wants to pursue his music, while George wants to get into medicine to become a doctor.

George envisions herself graduating as a Doctor of Medicine, while heading Primo’s fan club when he makes it big. And Primo? He wants to make it big, really big—travelling the world as he promotes Filipino music.

So do things go as planned? Or do ‘the hows of us’ start crumbling down in the movie? This is something you have to find out when you watch the movie!

Now, another thing we love about this movie is all the love the fans are giving it!

Since last night, #TheHowsOfUsWorldPremiere has been trending on the number one spot. And now, #TheHowsOfUsNowShowing has taken that spot.

There definitely is so much love for this duo, fondly called KathNiel, and the fans are showing all their support through tweets! We just love how U Do U.

Here are some of our favorite tweets about the movie! #TheHowsOfUsNowShowing

Yep, these fans are not only online tweeting about #TheHowsOfUsNowShowing! They’re also in the cinemas, fan meets, and block screenings to support their favorite on and offscreen couple.

We were actually able to talk to one of them online. Jeremiah Micah Cañaveral is the vice president of one of the official KathNiel fan clubs, and here’s what she has to say about being a KathNiel fan!

How long have you been a fan of KathNiel?

Micah: I’m part of Kathnielpeeps for 3 years, but I’m a fan of KathNiel for 7 years. Since growing up.

Why do you love the couple so much?

Micah: They know how to value those persons who loved them. They know how to treat people/fans. These two are well-raised by their parents.

They love their job and fans. They give extra effort on their performances. They know how to give genuine smile, that makes our heart melts!

What are the things you do for them as a fan?

Micah: Before, I usually go to their mall shows near us. But I wasn’t able to talk with them or to even hold their hands.

First meet as a fans, I was able to embrace and to hold them. I was so happy was about to cry, tears of joy! Even now, I still always get the “starstruck factor” every time I see them.

How did you get into the fan club Kathniel Peeps?

Micah: A friend of mine asked me if I want to join a Kathniel fans club since she saw my post that Iusually support the two. So I told her, of course!  I have a stable job, so I think that time I can support my fangirling thing.

Oh, so what do you do for a living?

Micah: I’m a Reservations Officer in a Korean travel Agency. I’m already 25 years old. Plus I have boyfriend who supports me also on my fangirling.

So how much time do you usually spend fangirling?

Micah: Fangirling is 24/7 duty actually. Hahaha. But of course I know my priorities. I usually go to fangirling if I’m free or every weekend.

How about in terms of budget? You said that it’s good that you have a stable job to fangirl, how much of your budget do you usually spend on fangirling?

Budget, well, I have a job so its easy for me to support my fangirling.

For example for mall shows or any concert or movie, we know the schedule and how much is the ticket ahead of time. So I can save money for that.

Oh, is that a perk of being in a fan club?

Micah: Yes! Perks of being an admin, haha.

How about friends, would you say that meeting new people is also perk of being in a fan club? 

Micah: Yes. I have ate/older sister but she’s a special child. We’re just two siblings. So I don’t have anyone who I can bond with, but after I joined this fans’ club I got a lot of friends, and an “ate material” too. Also, I have a chance to be an Ate to some of our members.

Now I have two best friends, Jah and Grace, my co-admins. We always bond and had chat about Kathniel.

So now that KathNiel has a new movie, what’s a message you’d want to give the fans like you?

Micah: To all of KathNiel fans, let’s support the two as long as we can. Especially with this Movie The Hows Of Us!

This is a great movie, and Kath and Daniel deserve a high gross for this film. Even if they will choose to be separate in their own craft, we know that the personal relationship they have is solid as a rock, and there’s no need to be worried. KathNiel Forever.

It’s amazing how The Hows of Us movie is a venue for people to meet, and get to know each other. And these fans are all together because of their favorite artists! It isn’t much different from going to gigs of your favorite local musicians, isn’t it?

So whether it’s The House of Us movie, KathNiel, your favorite bands, local gigs, or whatever you’re into, we’re here to support you in your passions! U Do U.