A parent’s love is really exceptional and beyond compare. That is what we thought when we tearfully looked at actor Tirso Cruz III‘s Instagram account.

We all know that parents love their children unconditionally. May it be a father or a mother, understand that they will do almost anything for their children. That is why as we look at the Instagram account of veteran actor Tirso Cruz III, we can’t help but feel the love he still wants to share with his late son, TJ.

TJ Cruz was 37 years old when he died on November 21, 2018 after battling lymphatic cancer for months. Since then, his dad has been dedicating daily Instagram posts to him.

GODly heavenly morning!

Tirso Cruz III always started his daily Instagram posts dedicated to TJ with a greeting. Before, it used to be a simple “good heavenly morning!” However, as he continued, it eventually changed into “GODly heavenly morning!”.

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At first, the actor would reminisce and post throwback pictures of them together. He would also post old family photos while remarking that he misses TJ so much. Honestly, it’s heartbreaking and we can’t help but shed a lot of tears.

On a lighter note, we can’t help but marvel at their family’s good genes. Everyone is just so good-looking! Other than that, they are good and respectful people.

As we further look at the actor’s posts, we see that he would also tell a story to TJ. The posts would act as diary entries, updating TJ how his day went, and the things that he thought of. All the while, he states his longing for his late son.


In Tirso Cruz III’s posts, he would also share to TJ the happenings in his career. He would tell about his future and ongoing projects, and would also thank God for the opportunities he was given.

Honestly, we are just moved by the actor’s posts. Losing a loved one is really hard, but life goes on for those left behind. What Tirso Cruz III is doing is a beautiful way of remembering his son, at the same time being thankful for everything that comes into his life.

Moreover we feel his intense love for TJ, and that feeling is just really, really beautiful.

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