FEATURES: The Haunting of Hill House Season 2 is happening!

Brace yourself for sleepless nights of terror, boys and girls. The Haunting of Hill House 2 is happening, and we’re in for more creepy stories!

‘The Haunting of Hill House’ terrorized the adult out of me, and I’m sure most of you can relate. This particular Netflix original blew up so much that a sequel seems apt! Well, if that isn’t what we’re all here for! We know it’s going to literally haunt us, and we love it. Here’s everything we know so far!

The Haunting of Hill House

Airing October 2018, ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ gave us a spine-tingling experience watching it! Just thinking about it brings back so many images. And there’s one I couldn’t get out of my mind ever since I watched it. And if you watched it, too, you probably know what (or who) I’m talking about!

I seriously watched the whole season in a day and believe me when I tell you that it scared the crap out of me. But that might not be the best thing about it. You really see the tedious planning and arrangement to make a single scene work reflecting in the series itself.

The producers have left a lot of Easter eggs for us, like ghosts lurking in the background, or clues as to what will happen next or in the future. Personally, my favorite was the sixth episode where they attempted to make it look like one fluid take with minimal cuts. That was AMAZING. Just imagine the amount of practice and time that went into creating that single episode. One mistake and they have to do it all over again. Simply outstanding.

This being said, we are so excited now that there would be a sequel!

The Haunting of Bly Manor

We heard it would be called ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’. That has a nice sound to it! A different haunted home, different characters. Reports also show that old casts might return! Well, not to play their old characters, but new ones, as this sequel will tell a completely different story.

The actors who played Luke and Nellie Crain, Oliver Jackson-Cohen and Victoria Pedretti will come back for season two! Although it’s kinda hard to look at Victoria and not be scared, she’d be playing a governess who “takes care of two very unusual children.”

Exciting? We know it is! But it seems that we’re gonna have to wait until next year to see it since it will only start filming in September this year. Bummer. But we’re sure it’s gonna be worth the wait!

Are you also excited about the upcoming second season of The Haunting in Hill House? We are, too! What are your expectations? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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