The Best Boy Bands Today

Boy bands have been around for a long time – but it was the nineties that really termed the coin. We had all kinds of men trying their hands at creating music – right from the ones that were recently out of school to those who had been writing and performing songs since decades, they had only now begun to win features on the music video channels.  Since then, we have seen several boy bands have their debut, and then the bands breaking up and some of them becoming the best lead singers that are around.

Here’s a list of the best boy bands that have ever held a song by its lyrics.

Jonas Brothers are a phenomenal group, and one of the group members, Nick Jonas, is a tad bit more famous than the others.   The Jonas Brothers set up shop in 2005 and the three brothers, Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas have captured the audience’s imagination.

They are singers and songwriters and even actors in their own right, and have been part of Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.  Apart from that, they are also part of the Disney series Jonas.  The band has give albums as yet, It’s About the Time, Jonas Brothers, A Little Bit Longer, Lines, Vines and Trying Times and others.

The boy band that has become a rage not just in the South East but all over the world. BTS is an Asian group that has several popular songs to their credit. The seven member boy band was formed in 2010 and it debuted in 2013.  They debuted with Too Cool for Skool. It is the first Korean group to sell one million records in Korea. It led the Korean wave in the US and has become one of the few Asian groups that became mainstream in the US. They are also the fastest performers since Michael Jackson to get 5 Top Billboard Singles. They are the best selling artistes in South Korea. They are also the youngest recipients of the Order of Cultural Medal by the President of South Korea.

5SOS is an Australian boy band that has captured the hearts of the audiences with the few songs that they have unleashed upon them.  They are one of the few boy bands that have had an  organic growth, as they began as YouTube celebrities. They have toured with One Direction and haves sold more than 10  million copies since 2014 and more than 2 million venue tickets. They are the most successful Australian talent in the world.  Till date, they have launched four albums.

When we talk about boy bands, we talk about them breaking up and going their own way and sometimes recouping. Well, B2K started out in 2000 and were a thing until 2004, and they actually formed themselves in 1998.  They have hit the top of the Billboard Top 200.  They have three albums and they have featured in the series You’ve Got Served. They have also have had four tours, three names Scream I, II and III and the fourth was named The Millennium Tour.

EXO is a South Korean boy band that’s quite popular in various areas of the world, The group has nine members, possibly the most number of people in a group. EXO was formed in 2011 and they debuted in 2012. Since then, they have infused various elements like pop, R&B, House. Their fans and critics have labeled them as King of K-Pop and the Biggest Boy Band in the World.

And then comes One Direction, the Boy Band that once again changed our perspective about boy bands. One Direction has universal acclaim and fame, and is also one of the most popular musical brands in the country. The band consists of four members and it debuted in 2010. The most popular personality in the group was Zayn Malik, who left the group and now has a successful singles career.

Tomorrow X Together, abbreviated at TXT is a Korean boy band that’s pretty popular in Asia and all over the world. The boy band has five members and debuted in 2019. Their debut album reached the US Billboard 100. The group has won several other accolades and have got themselves on various lists that pertain to the world of entertainment. They have three albums, and the last one launched in 2021, The Chaos Chapter: Freeze.

Big Bang is a Korean boy band that fans call the Kings of K-Pop. The group comprises of four members and debuted in 2016. They have the most number of albums in this list, and have albums in Korean as well as in Japanese.  They also have a film that tells their journey of life, Big Bang Made.

Whiel these are the boy bands that are famous now, we cannot forget some of the boy bands from the nineties that really brought changes in the world of music and entertainment. Here’s that short list:

Nsync: Nsync was a boy band in the nineties that charted out several hits and had a fan following of their own. If you lived in the nineties, you have seen some of the cool dudes hanging around, wearing an Nsync t-shirt.

Backstreet Boys: Possibly the most popular boy and ever – Backstreet Boys was one of the most famous entertaiment brands in the nineties. The band was also one of the few that had cousins in it. They are the best-selling boy-band of all time.

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