Live in what could have been of a love that’s lost as Nicco Manalo and Emmanuelle Vera gets back on screen with ‘Tayo Sa Huling Buwan Ng Taon’!

You can wait all you want when the person you love leaves. But sometimes the heart gets tired and there’s nothing more to do other than move on. But what if you get trapped in the game of chance and you see each other again unexpectedly? ‘Tayo Sa Huling Buwan Ng Taon’ plays on the scenario of two exes meeting each other again after a relationship without proper closure when both people are in perfectly happy relationships. Take a look at the trailer!


Here’s what we know so far: Nicco Manalo and Emmannuelle Vera will be back together on screen, but not as couples like in the first movie, ‘Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa’. They will be portrayed as two different people in two different relationships after their breakup from 5 years ago. Anna (Sam’s current girlfriend to be portrayed by Anna Luna) urges Sam (Nicco Manalo) to go back to photography. While taking some photos in what looked like a carnival, he runs into his ex, Isa (Emmanuelle Vera).

Subtle Hints

To me, their conversation about a building that Isa thought was being demolished struck me as the most symbolic. They certainly put a lot of thought into the dialogue. The conversation went like this.

Isa: 5 years… ‘Di ba when I left for the states, dinedemolish na ata sya, ‘di ba?

Sam: Yeah, well… They took out the grill works inside, nawala na rin yung staircase dyan. Marami nang natanggal… parang facade na lang yan.

Isa: That’s so sad. Where did they bring the architectural parts kaya?

Sam: No one knows. Nawalang parang bula.

This would have passed right through our eyes if it weren’t for the clips shown while this conversation was taking place. It showed Isa leaving, and Sam being left empty. It then showed their current relationships just at the same time Sam said that what’s left of the building is just a facade. Could it be a symbolism telling us that their current relationships are like that building? A facade to cover everything up when in reality, they have both been feeling empty since they broke up?

I’ve seen that scene before…

The trailer for this movie also referenced some of the scenes from the previous movie, ‘Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa’. For instance, the scene where Isa leaned her head on Sam’s shoulder while they were on the train, only now it’s Anna doing that. And you can clearly see the difference in the scenario, in the looks in their eyes. You can just tell that he loved Isa more.

This trailer just hits you right at the heart, because it’s a situation most of us probably have been through. And it’s not easy trying to clear your feelings out and set them aside for what’s right. I mean, they are both unavailable after all, so it’s all the more exciting to know what will happen! Why it’s titled as such is beyond us, still. But we can’t wait to watch and find out!

All we can say is that this trailer has been very effective in what it was trying to do, make us grab the tickets and go watch the film. This, along with December Avenue’s ‘Huling Sandali‘ almost made me want to cry just watching how bittersweet Isa and Sam’s story is without even seeing the movie yet. The movie shows on May 8, 2019, in cinemas nationwide!

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