Calling all Swifties! Ready for a surprise? Because we have one for you… Taylor Swift is opening this year’s VMAs!

The 2019 MTV Video Music Awards is happening this Tuesday, August 27. And even though we know Taylor Swift hasn’t had the best experience at the VMAs, she’s finally coming back again after four years of missing out! It was before her live concert at Central Park yesterday that she revealed on Good Morning America the big news: Taylor Swift is opening the VMAs! In the interview, she wasn’t even sure if she should have mentioned that she’ll be opening this year. Oops? Catch her interview with Robin Roberts here:

Taylor at the VMAs

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We haven’t seen Taylor Swift at the VMAs since 2015. And the VMAs is always a key point in the year for music fans. Because the artists just go all out with their performances that you can’t miss it. Last year it was Cardi B who opened for the VMAs. And I’m sure we can all agree that 2018 was her year. So now with Taylor opening for the VMAs, it’s just the catalyst we needed to say that 2019 is definitely Taylor’s year!

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She’s really reeling it in with the awards and nominations this year. With the recently concluded Teen Choice Awards, last August 12, Taylor won the Icon Award! And now for the VMAs, she has a total of TEN nominations! Including a Video for the Year nomination for her ‘Me!‘ music video featuring Brendon Urie. And a Song of the Year nomination for ‘You Need to Calm Down‘. You go, girl!


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Following her successful pop-up concert yesterday, Taylor has just released her new music video for ‘Lover’ today! ‘Lover’ is the newest single that’s been released that is part of her upcoming album with also the same name. Along with ‘Me!’, ‘You Need to Calm Down’, and ‘The Archer’. Check out the music video below:

Her album already has a pre-sale value of around $1 million. With her opening the VMAs this year just feels like the tip of the iceberg you know? We definitely feel bigger things to come for Taylor Swift. And we’ll be here to fill you in on all of it.

We can’t wait for Taylor Swift’s opening performance at the VMAs. And whatever she’s planning, we are here for it! How do you feel about Taylor opening the VMAs this year? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.