Another group is going global, and it is none other than SM Entertainment’s very own supergroup, SuperM.

If you have been there for the announcement of the formation of SM Entertainment‘s new supergroup, you would know that they are trying something bold yet different. Forming a collective of seven members from four different groups, namely: ShineeEXO, NCT 127 and WayV under a new group named “SuperM“, a lot of people had surely anticipated their debut. Finally, with the release of their first mini-album and the dance-pop song “Jopping“, they surely brought a different type of ball game to the court.

In case you haven’t heard of their lead single or watched its music video though, we just have to wonder: what are you doing with your life? Don’t waste your time and watch it below now!

Yes, we share the same thoughts as you. They are amazing! Somehow, we imagined the Avengers – who happen to be Taemin, Kai and Baekhyun, Taeyong and Mark, Ten and Lucas – fighting evil and saving lives somewhere as the song played too.

SuperM on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Now, it seems that SuperM is continuing their momentum on going global. Because after their television debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last year, they have recently announced that they will be in fact guesting on Jimmy Kimmel Live next this February 2020!

Check out their social media announcement through Instagram below.

Mark your calendars now, ladies and gentlemen, because they will be on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on February 11! And actually, that’s not too far from now. Maybe just try to distract yourself with their self-titled EP in the meantime, yeah?

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