Let’s all celebrate our love for Super Junior upcoming comeback with some of their songs in the past!

In case you hadn’t heard yet, Super Junior is set for a comeback this coming October 14th! This K-pop boy band has been with us since our childhood and despite them going through a long hiatus, our love for them hasn’t still died!

And get this, they will be releasing their new album titled, ‘Time_Slip’ on the same date. The party isn’t over till we say so ‘cuz we already have a few deets of what their new song from their album will be about. It will be their 9th album and the first time we’ll be seeing them with a complete roster after many years.

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‘SUPER Clap’ will be about the group’s unmoving cheerful attitude despite problems. Also, the message the song evokes is to release worries and anxieties away with a SUPER CLAP!

Super Junior, however, isn’t satisfied with only this. Last September, the South Korean boy band, also launched some Twitter emojis to celebrate their much-awaited return. Go ahead and check it out for yourself! Just tweet the hashtags “#슈퍼주니어”, “#SUPERJUNIOR”, “#SJ_Time_Slip”, “#SUPER_Clap”, and “#SJ_SUPER_Clap”

Super Junior Twitter emojis comeback


Okay, that’s enough for the updates. So without further ado, here are some of Super Junior’s best hits—truly a blast from the past!


Mr. Simple

No Other

Sorry, Sorry



What time is it? Super Junior time! 3 days left till their comeback!

To all our E.L.F viewers out there, we know you’re all excited as much as we are. So don’t forget to stay tuned here on U Do U for more Super Junior updates!

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