The soundtrack, the feeling of completion, and reminiscing of past crucial events—everything about Steven Universe The Movie was perfect!

You can fight us all you want on this. But Steven Universe The Movie was the perfect way to end the last five seasons. And we’re here to tell you why! So Steven Universe The Movie is now set two years into the future and follows a now 16-year-old Steven. The war with the gems is over, corrupted gems now have a hopeful future, and Little Home World is now under construction. So everything looks great, right? Well, not for long. As Rebecca Sugar explained, the movie’s central theme is “change.” And of course, that includes the ongoing peace. Because things change—that is the way of the Earth. As it has always been a central point in the series, it is as well in the movie.

Let’s start with the opening credits

The opening credits are such a trip! Because not only did they do it in a classic OG Disney Princess fashion, it even has a song just like a Disney Princess would have. And we’re completely fine with that. Because he’s technically royalty—being the son of Pink Diamond after all. Look they even made him a book!

The Soundtrack

All the songs! Gimme all the songs! GIMME!!! If you’re a real Steven Universe fan you would know that the songs are a huge part of what makes this series so great. So we’ve compiled a list of all our favourite songs from the movie!

Let’s start with ‘Happily Ever After’:

It just makes us cry because it tells the journey of growth and change that all the main characters had to go through—to get that “happily ever after” that they have now. But just when they thought everything was perfect, a new gem called Spinel ruins everything!

So our next fave is ‘Other Friends’:

We only loved this song after watching the rest of the movie. Because it just really shows the effects of abandonment on someone. And that just makes us so sad.

And finally, ‘Change’:

Because after Steven manages to bring everyone back, he finally realizes what it is that makes him who he is. It’s his ability to adapt and change.

Just all the feels…

And finally, just the overall feeling that this movie gave us. It reminded us of everything that we loved about the series and more. Especially the whole thing with Spinel, because she represents another piece of his mother that Steven didn’t know about. That there’s still more to his mother that he doesn’t know. How she was capable of abandoning someone—even if that someone was as “insignificant” to her as Spinel.

So again, there’s nothing you can say that will change our minds about Steven Universe The Movie. It was absolutely perfect.

But what did you think about it? Did you feel the same way as we did? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.