Sometimes dead is better and Stephen King’s Pet Sematary tells us there’s more to our usual campfire stories. But there’s seems to be a major change for the horror movie adaptation for the story this time.

Stephen King strikes back with another horror film this summer. And this time, it’s ‘Pet Sematary’ getting a remake. After the success of his previous novels-turned-film, like ‘It’ and ‘The Shining’, another one graces the big screens this coming summer. The trailer for ‘Pet Sematary’ debuted a few days ago but it revealed a twist far different from the original narrative of Stephen King.

In the newest adaptation of the novel, ‘Pet Sematary’ follows the story of Doctor Louis Creed and his family who moves into their new home in the suburbs. Together with his wife Rachel and his two children Gage and Ellie, they discovered a haunting secret about the “pet sematary” nearby. Apparently, according to his new neighbor Jud Crandall, the “pet sematary” is a burial grounds that holds unspeakable evil. After their cat dies and Louis discovers the powers of the pet sematary, the cat comes back alive, yet different. And when Ellie dies, Louis decides to bring her back but all hell breaks loose.

Originally, it was Gage who was supposed to die. But the director took a sharp turn after they made Ellie’s character more involved. With her curious attitude, it was realistic enough for her to trigger everything else. Despite revealing that plot twist in the second trailer, the director assumed that it won’t affect the movie’s value. Instead, it will provide a fresh take from a classic novel and movie that became part of our childhood way back.

Stephen King’s ‘Pet Sematary’ will hit the theaters this coming April 5, 2019.

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