28 weeks into her pregnancy, Solenn Heussaff shows off her baby bump while wearing a sexy bikini!

Filipino-French actress and model Solenn Heussaff wowed everyone on Sunday as she took it to Instagram to flaunt her baby bump while wearing a sexy bikini. And it looks like pregnancy didn’t do Solenn any wrong or is it that she’s just that sizzling hot even when she’s pregnant?

With the caption: “Sunday with @nicobolzico ! 10 more weeks to go! #28Weeks“, you can see Solenn striking a pose with her husband, Argentine model, and businessman Nico Bolzico.

It was in September when Solenn and Nico announced to the world that they are going to have a baby girl. And this isn’t the first time Solenn teased everyone of her upcoming birth.

Solenn Instagram

In September, Solenn posted another striking photo of her baby bump in an attempt to update everyone about her pregnancy.

And if you know by now who her husband is, you’re probably aware of how supportive he is to Solenn.

Nico as a husband to Solenn

Earlier this month, Nico posted on Instagram a photo of Solenn 6 months into her pregnancy. He took the time to show appreciation to Solenn’s painful but worthy process of conceiving their child.

“Since I met Solenn, I always felt that she was too good for me; but, since she is pregnant, I don’t only feel she is too good for me, but I also feel like the most useless human being on earth.”

“If the pregnancy was a band playing, Solenn would be the one directing the band and playing all the instruments while I would be one smashing the cymbals every 30 seconds,” he added.

Catch the full post here:

Awww! That’s so sweet of Nico!

In case you didn’t know yet, Solenn and Nico got officially married last May 2017 in France. They finally sealed the deal after more than four years of being together. And now, they are already expecting a baby girl!

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