Summer’s here and so is Eleven and the gang. And this summer, Stranger Things Season 3 is about to get stranger and darker than ever before.

Just in time before summer hits, Stranger Things Season 3 releases the full trailer of what they have in store for us. And from the looks of it, the summer of 1985 will be a mix the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Stranger Things Season 3 is arriving in Netflix this summer. And we get to see our favorite gang hit their teen years. They’re definitely done playing their board games and they’re off to see a new side of life: puberty. With The Who song “Baba O’Riley” blasting throughout the whole trailer, it seems that Eleven, Mike, Will, Lucas, and Dustin are about to enter their “teenage wasteland” phase.

While Season 2 was set in an eerie and spooky Hawkins Halloween, Season 3 builds up to the Hawkin’s Fourth of July celebration. After Eleven temporarily banishes the Mind Flayer, the world of the Upside-Down doesn’t seem to be done with terrorizing the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. This time, the gang will be facing a whole lot of things. New people, new monsters and new mysteries in Hawkins, right under their noses.

The Gang’s Friendship

Stranger Things

Apparently, it looks like the friendship of the OG gang isn’t as tight as it used to be. Yes, in the trailer, Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Max, and Will welcomed back Dustin from Camp Know Where. But in the later scenes of the trailer, the tension between the boys can be noticed. With the brewing teen romance between Mike and Eleven and Lucas and Max, Will and Dustin are left out. Aside from that, Will seems to be on the edge with his own problems—Upside-Down related. But the Duffer Brothers assured that Will won’t be put to hell for the third time in a row. But there’s definitely something bothering our smol boy. While Dustin notices the changes in their friendship. But the cute thing is, Dustin finds himself befriending our homeboy Steve, and that is the development we want to see!

Also, there’s the brewing romance between Hopkins and Joyce Byers too. They might be going out on a date or two in the series. And yes, we are not complaining. That is the ship that we definitely want to set sail! And just so you know, Mike and Eleven share a romantic kiss again!

New People in Town

Stranger Things

Yup, you heard it right! There will be new people our beloved folks of Hawkins will encounter. And yes, they will play a role in the unraveling of the mysteries of the one-horse town of Hawkins. So far, there’s Heather the lifeguard that Billy will meet while working at the pool. The title of Episode 3 for the new season is The Case of the Missing Lifeguard. And according to the Duffer Brothers, the episode will unravel all sorts of mysteries on the block. Which we are very much looking forward to. Then there’s Robin, Steve’s workmate from the mall, who might be his new love interest.

In addition to the ladies, Mayor Kline, the Mayor of Hawkins will play a role in the happenings in town. There’s also the appearance of a hitman who’s out for blood. Who knows who is he hunting for. But one thing’s for sure, someone’s life is in danger.

Monsters and Mysteries

So even with the banishing of the previous monsters like the Demogorgon and the Mind Flayer, trouble is still brewing in Hawkins. In the trailer, there seem to be a few other experiments going on behind the scenes. That again would cause a catastrophe for the people of Hawkins. Also, the monsters seen in the trailer are new. So there’s a whole lot of new enemies that the gang will encounter sooner or later in the new season. Then Billy, Max’s brother miiight be involved in the disaster to go down. He’s seen having a weird infection he contracted from last season’s attack and it might be connected to whatever monsters from the Upside-Down.

But Nancy and Jonathan might be one step away in helping the town with all the ruckus happening. It appears that they are applying for a job or an internship at The Hawkins Post. Remember last time? They tried to use the power of publication to deal with the mysteries themselves. So aside from the potential romance between them, they might be the new partners-in-crime this time.

So if you’re up for the new mysteries and action to come, then you better watch out for Stranger Things Season 3 on Netflix. It will premiere on July 4 and it’s the summer that will change everything.

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