Started from a rejected Darna pitch to a collection of Darna renditions. #SigawDarna became a movement among artists to bring life to our beloved superhero.

#SigawDarna took over the social media place, not only in Twitter but also on Facebook. The hashtag became a call among local artists to create their very own interpretation of Darna.

It started out after Jem Bernaldez (@yosilog) shared his rejected Darna designs. His rendition of Darna was quite different. It depicted her with a morena complexion with long wavy hair. Also, they reimagined her costume. So he got contacted to work on a Darna comics pitch. Supposedly, it will be released in time for the Darna movie. The producers gave them the creative freedom for the design and story too! However, unfortunately, the producers wanted it to be more in line to the movie.

He expressed his disappointment after not getting the project. However, people showed support to his intentions of making such kind of Darna. While people expressed their amazement to his work, some artists did their own Darna rendition. Thus, giving birth to the #SigawDarna movement.

The works ranged from different genres. There lots of Darna arts that snowballed into the social media space. From Philippine mythology inspired Darna up to anime-inspired magical girl Darna. It became a collective, an archive of Darna who dare defies the conventions of society. From color, age, origin, power, and sexuality.

Here are some of the creative and innovative Darna illustrations that caught our eyes!

Culture-Inspired Darna

Actually, a lot of artists used our own culture as an inspiration. They took influence from native clothing, Philippine mythology, and other ethnic elements. Indeed, it showed how Darna can come from any part of the Philippines.

Androgynous Darna

In a similar manner, these Darna screams empowerment for LGBT members! It depicts Darna as a bold, strong and non-binary character. I mean, it looks cool, right?

Magical Girl Darna

On the other hand, we have Darna in cute and cool transformations. So if you’re into anime, they have anime elements to die for. Darna’s a woman of culture, ya know!

And some comedic Darna illustrations…

While some artists tried to incorporate puns in their Darna designs. In fact, it’s quite fun to see funny Darna illustrations. Specifically, those designs with memes and jokes injected to it.

Indeed, these illustrations show how people see Darna in modern times. How that she can be different from her canon origin. Contrast to before, not everyone has that conventional Eurocentric features they push for Darna. So in order to make her relatable, artists tried to tweak things a bit.

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