Amid the unending rumors occupying the Internet, Shaina Magdayao becomes part of the celebrity death hoax club. Find out more right here!

On Saturday, news broke that actress, Shaina Magdayao, apparently passed away. It immediately gained the attention of people on social media and spread like fire. According to rumors, her death was due to hyperthyroidism. She was taken to the hospital, however, in a tight grip to save her life, she was deemed dead on arrival.

What made this death hoax believable is that Shaina Magdayao was last seen active on Instagram last September 14, 2019.

And to many fans’ surprise, Shaina Magdayao took it upon herself to clarify she’s indeed alive! She posted on Instagram a photo herself–alive and well–with the caption: “I’m baaaccckkk! Or should I say, I’m A L I I I I VE 🤪😂 and oh so ready for SCORP SEASON and my 30th!!! 🥂🎉♥️ 🦂

Although it’s true that Shaina suffers from hyperthyroidism sickness and that she was taking maintenance medicines. But in June 2019, she made an Instagram post about finally feeling healthy.

Death hoaxes are never good news! Just this month, Gary Valenciano’s son, Gab, became another victim of this fake news. So next time you see another death news, remember to fact-check, people!

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