It’s December but it’s still freaking hot out here in the Philippines! And we know who are to blame! Ladies and gentleman, we present to you the sexiest men in the PH—but with a little twist!

Aside from the hot climate, beautiful tourist spots, and great food, the Philippines is also full of gorgeous people! But there will always be those that stand out. We’ve asked you who are the sexiest men in the PH and we’ve heard your answers!

To make it more fun, we added songs that play in our heads whenever we think about or see these god-like hotties! Are you ready to drool over and ogle at the top 5? We are too, so here they are!

5.Tony Labrusca

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To start off our list, we have the hot rising star, Tony Labrusca! This zaddy is the fantasy of women of all ages today! Why? Have you seen the movie ‘Glorious’? The internet blew up on the release of its trailer because of that steamy tongue kiss he gave Angel Aquino! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Watch this!

Good Lawd! Don’t we all just wish to be in Angel Aquino’s place? Maybe be a dangerous woman for a day? 😉 Yup! That’s Tony Labrusca #harot song for all of you! ‘Dangerous Woman’ by Ariana Grande.

4. James Reid

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The hot and talented, James Reid, is our 4th placer and it shouldn’t be a surprise. This awesome hitmaker can make a girl faint just by looking at him. We mean, have you seen the guy? Killer smile, amazing voice, and rock hard abs? What more can you ask for? This ultimate crush-ng-bayan will surely make you misbehave. 😉 Add ‘I Misbehave’ by Sarah P in your #maharot playlist!

3. Carlo Aquino

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On our 3rd place, we have the ‘Exes Baggage‘ star, Carlo Aquino. Since then til now, Carlo never failed to make us swoon with his lovely smile and gorgeous eyes! Add muscles to that equation and what do you have? An overall dream-boat! And we know he’s very well-known. But if you were given a chance to spend a night with him wouldn’t you want to let the neighbors know his name? 😉 ‘Neighbors Know My Name’ by Trey Songz, go check it out.

2. Jericho Rosales

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Our 2nd place is none other than, Jericho Rosales. Whew! Wait, there’s one more? We’re already sweating! Gahh! Rosales plays Lino in ABS CBN’sHalik’. In the series, his character was cheated on by his wife. Yes, we know! WHY, right? Why cheat on such perfection? Yam Concepcion, who plays as his wife Jade, must be regretting her role. (Hah!) And every time we look at his chiseled jawline and gorgeous-tan body, we keep hearing the song from Tory Lanez, ‘Say It.’ Go on, listen to it! If you don’t see Jericho while it’s playing, then something’s wrong with you! (LOL)

1. Paulo Avelino

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And the champ is *drum roll* Paulo Avelino ! My goodness! Assassinate and resurrect us, General! This hottie played one of our Filipino heroes, Gen. Gregorio del Pilar, in the movie ‘Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral‘. And don’t hold us captive, cause we definitely have some damn bad intentions with this stud! 😉 *cue music* ‘Bad Intentions’ by Niykee Heaton!

We know there are a lot more hotties in the Philippines but let’s just focus on these 5 right now, okay? We don’t want you overheating. 😉

Do you need water? Are you thirsty? lol! Did you guys agree with our list? Were the ones you voted in it? Who else do you think should be part of the list of sexiest men in the PH? Let us know down the comments below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We can’t wait to hear from you!