Sex Education Netflix Series is truly a great coming-of-age TV show. Learn why you all should watch it right here!

This new series that premiered January 11 has been causing quite a hype. But don’t get it wrong, the reason why it’s trending is not due to the humor that you’ve seen in the trailer. Sex Education Netflix Series is a great coming-of-age TV show! Whether you are in your adolescent period or an adult, you will seriously learn a lot from this new series.

The British comedy-drama television show is about a teenage boy (named Otis) whose mother is a sex and relationship therapist. Fully unaware of Otis’ struggles with his own sexual needs, cool girl Maeve started an underground sex therapy clinic with him at their high school.

I’m sure the first scene of the trailer earned a lot of laughs. And I’m positive that the other clips of horny teenagers weren’t any exemption! Can’t blame you though, the innocence and the craziness in the trailer can really induce laughter. Even while watching the series, you’d laugh every episode. But of course, not without learning something about it and even beyond the coverage of sex education. So let’s try to talk about the valuable lessons we can get from this series! Warning, this may contain some spoilers.

‘Sex Education’ series tackles a lot of aspects while giving out very informative stuff about sex that can help those who are struggling to come to an understanding.


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The series showcases different kinds of families. There’s Otis’ mom, a sex therapist who cannot seem to give her son privacy. This results to a bit of a rocky relationship between the two as Otis’ privacy is violated countless times by his mother who knows no boundaries. It reminds adult viewers that no matter what, there are some things that parents can’t keep invading. Because even their children need to feel safe in their home, and violating their privacy won’t make them feel that safety.

‘Sex Education’ also tells of the story of Adam Groff. A high school bully who can’t finish during sex and not knowing why. After accidentally being the first unofficial client of Otis for his underground sex clinic, we come to an understanding as to why. Families who give too much pressure or are too controlling can, of course, have a lot of underlying impacts. In the case of Adam Groff, his father who is the headmaster of the school, have given him too much pressure on everything and doesn’t hide his disappointments whenever Adam fails. This then gave him performance anxiety. This tackles how family problems can be the root of many issues in an individual that should be addressed.

It also reminds us that there are individuals who seem to come off as very strong-willed but are actually struggling so much at home. In the case of Maeve, she is off to fend for herself without parents to take care of her, and an unreliable brother. She comes off as a bi*ch to most, but in reality, she has no choice but to remain tough. The series also reminds us of people like Eric, Otis’ best friends. A gay who knows what he wants and comes off as very high-spirited but also has to deal with the acceptance of his family regarding his sexuality.

LGBTQ+ representation

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You are who you are. Don’t let anyone take that away from you.

The character of Eric really is an inspiration to those out there who are struggling to come out. He has done nothing but be himself and did not let anyone tell him otherwise. He didn’t let his fear or the fear of his father towards his sexuality to hinder him from becoming the best and real version of himself.

And of course, what’s great about ‘Sex Education’ is that same-sex couple is not frowned upon in this series. It is treated normally, just how it should be in real life.

Practicing safe sex

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Although sex is an act frowned upon on, it’s normal. It happens, and those who are being arrogant about it should face the reality that nothing they can do or say can make everyone stop performing it. The best way to go about it is to share important information instead of treating sex as a too malicious topic to talk about. Ignorance can lead to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. That’s why it’s good that in this series, practicing safe sex wasn’t neglected.

It also deals with the sensitive topic of abortion. Another act that is very much frowned upon, especially by religious people. That was seen in the ‘Sex Education’ series. However, it also shows how there are really circumstances that abortion may be the only option for some. And though we all have our stance when it comes to this matter, the series shed some light and gives understanding as to why some choose to take that road.

Peer pressure

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Ah, peer pressure. A usual problem especially when you’re a teenager and still struggling to find your own voice. We all experienced this at one point and rode along with whatever our peers want in order to have a sense of belongingness.

The character who gave off this impression the most is Aimee. Wanting to truly belong in the popular circle, she tends to follow whatever they want even though it gives her trouble and restricts her from being friends with Maeve. She craved so much to belong to the extent that she doesn’t even know what she wants anymore. That’s why even with intercourse, she was caught off guard when her sexual partner asked her what she wants. She became so accustomed to pretending that she struggled to figure out her own desires.

And though indirectly, character Lily also experienced this. All throughout the series, she comes off as someone who’s very horny and willing to lose her virginity to practically any guy she brushes elbows with. She seemed so desperate as she throws herself forcefully. But as the season was about to end, we all came to an understanding why. Everyone was doing it, everyone was having sexual activities that it gave off the feeling that she has to do it as well, when in fact, she actually doesn’t want to. The series reminds young viewers or even adults, that just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean you have to. Everything is at your own phase.


Of course, you all will also love the romantic interests happening in ‘Sex Education’. And though sexual intimacy in teenagers can be a show that most are uncomfortable seeing, it’s not violating as it may seem. It has a lot of valuable lessons not limited to sex education. It also goes off to show that because of how society frowns upon premarital sex, teens and young adults tend to turn to their peers for help and consultation instead of adults.

Having enough knowledge about important things goes a long way. That’s why it’s very important to have a comfortable discussion between adults and youngsters. ‘Sex Education’ is such a great coming-of-age TV show that everyone should really watch!

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