We are looking forward to many things in 2020. One of them is the second season of a Netflix favorite, Sex Education.

After its wonderful and climactic end, people have been waiting tirelessly for the second season of Sex Education. What will happen next to the characters we have learned to love? Will Ola and Otis continue dating and how does Maeve feel about it? How about Eric and Adam? We were just so frustrated wanting more after we finished watching this great Netflix Original masterpiece.

So when they released teaser photos on the 2nd season of Sex Education, you can imagine how we jumped up and down with glee. Literally. Moreover, we were just happy when they announced the release date for the upcoming season.

Ladies and gents, mark your calendars now!

The 2nd season of Sex Education will come out on – drum roll, please – January 17, 2020! That is approximately… 50 days away. Moreover, just look at this wonderful mural in London which they have specially created to announce the release date.

Also, check out some teaser photos that has been released to show us a glimpse of Sex Ed. S2.

Isn’t this amazing? This just gave us all the hype that we need to sustain us throughout the whole 50-day waiting period. Admittedly, we still have yet to know more details about the upcoming season. However, Asa Butterfield told in an interview that in Season 2, they got to explore the individual characters a bit more, so there.

We still have a lot of days to go before 2020 and before the series’ release date, but we’re super excited!

Are you excited with the second season of Sex Education? Which character are you most looking forward to see?

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