Waiting for that new episode to come out? Maybe Netflix’s new lineup of Pinoy movies this September will keep you busy!

Right now, Netflix has an adequate amount of Filipino films to choose from. Like ‘Seven Sundays’, ‘Four Sisters And A Wedding’, and ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’. But this month, they’ll be expanding their ever-growing library of Filipino films! That’s right, all throughout September Netflix will be releasing a whole new line-up of Pinoy movies! Here are the movies that made the list:

1. Die Beautiful

This film is a comedy with some real dark undertones. It stars Paolo Ballesteros who plays Lana. And Lana is a transgender woman who aspires to be a beauty queen, despite being shunned by his own family. Isn’t it just so timely of Netflix to release this film? What with the current battle for the SOGIE Equality Bill. ‘Die Beautiful’ is now available for streaming.

2. Camp Sawi

Going through a breakup? Then ‘Camp Sawi’ is the perfect flick to watch for a night in and a tub of ice cream. So if you’re feeling like the biggest loser, the ladies of this film are here to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! As they say, misery loves company. So maybe ‘Camp Sawi’ can help ease your heartbreak a little. It’s available for streaming on September 23.

3. This Time

Friends? Lovers? More than friends? This romantic film starring Nadine Lustre and James Reid will surely make you kilig and annoyed at the same time. Kids these days, just DTR! Define the relationship! But hey, if you’re going through something similar maybe you’ll be able to #relate. Watch ‘This Time’ on Netflix for a kilig good time! Available for streaming on September 23.

4. Diary ng Panget

This romantic comedy starring a younger Nadine Lustre and James Reid is all about falling in love with people for who they really are, and not how they look. Nadine plays as a personal maid for James, and she’s not exactly beauty queen material here. So watch ‘Diary ng Panget’ for some laughs and ‘aww!’ moments on September 23!

5. Sid & Aya: Not a Love Story

Is it a love story? Or is it just a tale of two people who meet each other for their own selfish reasons? ‘Sid & Aya: Not a Love Story’ stars Anne Curtis and Dingdong Dantes. And it makes us question, is being selfish really so bad when everyone else is also just looking out for themselves? Watch this romantic drama on Netflix on September 23.

6. 100 Tula Para Kay Stella

Catch a timid JC Santos and a punk-rock Bella Padilla in ‘100 Tula Para Kay Stella’, available to stream on Netflix on September 23. So JC plays here as a young man with a speech impediment who dedicates one hundred poems to Stella, Bella Padilla’s character, in order to win her heart.

7. Luck At First Sight

A magical tale of love and luck starring Jericho Rosales and Bella Padilla. So Joma (Jericho Rosales) and Diane (Bella Padilla) have the magical ability to get lucky when they come into contact with each other. So they decide to use their luck for profit by gambling. But how long will their luck last before they start falling in love with each other? Try your luck with ‘Luck at First Sight’ on Netflix this September 23.

So which of these Pinoy movies are you most looking forward to on Netflix this September? Share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.