THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Full episodes from seasons 1 to 5 of The Fairly Oddparents are now on YouTube!

You can now watch Nickelodeon‘s ‘The Fairly Oddparents’ once again, now that it has been released on YouTube. The official channel for the children’s TV show uploaded all the full episodes from their original run, which scopes from Seasons 1-5. Check it out here!

So take a trip down memory lane with us here at U Do U as we reminisce about our favorite moments from the show!

Timmy’s Parents… and Vicky

Timmy’s parents are… how do we say this? They are amusing and funny. Who could forget the way Timmy’s dad reacts to stuff?

However, they are also neglecting. They would always obliviously leave Timmy to the evil babysitter, Vicky.

If you have a hard time remembering and need enlightenment in regards to the premise of the show, Timmy is always tortured by Vicky. So one day he gets two fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, to help him in his miserable life.

Chip Skylark

Are your teeth shiny? Famous singing sensation and Timmy’s friend, Chip Skylark, believes that his teeth are what makes him charming. As per his famous song, ‘My Shiny Teeth and Me’, he sings:

My shiny teeth that twinkle

Just like the stars in space

My shiny teeth that sparkle

Addin’ beauty to my face

Can you say that about your teeth?

Crimson Chin… and his Chin

As children, we all have superheroes we look up to. In The Fairly Oddparents Universe, Crimson Chin is who Timmy looks up to.

Crimson Chin is a comic book superhero who, at times, is brought into the real world by fairy magic. Though he has many other superhero abilities, his main weapon is, guess what, HIS CHIN.

And did you know? Much like Spider-Man‘s, Crimson Chin’s origin story was that he gained his powers when a radioactive actor bit him on the chin.

Jorgen van Strangle

Next in ranking regarding the size of chins, Jorgen van Strangle follows after Crimson Chin in The Fairly Oddparents Universe. In the Fairy World though, he has the biggest chin! (Hmm, maybe the creators of the show really likes chins.)

What’s funny about his character too is that he looks a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger. So when someone asks you about a cartoon character which looks a lot like the actor, Jorgen van Strangle is the answer.

The show’s ICONIC theme song

This part is basically self-explanatory, so just feel your childhood once more and sing along with us!

Are you planning to binge-watch the show soon? What are YOUR favorite moments from The Fairly Oddparents? Share them with us through the comments below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.