SB19 just announced their official fandom name!

Finally, SB19 decided on an official name to address their fans with.

For months now, fans of the P-pop boy group SB19 have been calling themselves ‘AURUMs‘. This word is a Latin term for gold. However, this SB19 fandom name was not made official by the boys or their agency, ShowBT Entertainment.

So for those few months, fans were coming up with other creative names that the boys may like. One hilarious example is ‘Lilian Marie’. Again, props to you if you get the reference. So accordingly, when the group released their official logo and color, the fans assumed that the fandom name will be announced next. And they are not wrong.

The official fandom name of SB19

In a Facebook Live last Saturday on the official page of SB19, the group finally decided to announce the official fandom name. After months of being the fandom without an official name, things have now changed!

You can watch the video below.

Finally, goodbye ‘AURUMs’, goodbye ‘LILIAN MARIEs’, hello ‘A’TINs’Why A’TIN though?

As the group’s vocalist Stell explained in the video, A’TIN (pronounced as ‘eighteen’) indicates that SB19 wouldn’t be where they are if not for their fans.

So kasi kami, SB19! 18! 19!” Kasi kumbaga syempre 18 muna bago 19. Pag walang 18 (A’TIN), hindi makakarating sa 19.

Moreover, he mentioned that there is another meaning to the name.

Another meaning, so if you’re going to read this, it can be also read as “atin” (ours), so all the success, lahat ng natatamo natin ngayon, Atin ‘to! Everything is ours. Hindi lang sa amin, kundi sa inyo rin.

Aren’t they sweet? The group really deserves all the recognition that they are getting recently.

Are you a part of SB19’s fandom, ‘A’TIN’? What do you think of this name?

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