Idol PH winner Zephanie just won at life. She just performed in her own solo concert and even had a duet with her idol Sarah G!

Once you win something, there are really a lot of exciting things waiting for you. In the case of Zephanie Dimaranan who just won recently at singing competition Idol Philippines, she was able to have her own solo concert. Amazingly, the young singer also performed for a packed crowd, as concert tickets were all sold out.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Because in her concert, she had a very special guest who performed on stage together with her. Singing a medley of ‘Tala’, ‘Kilometro’ and ‘Isa Pang Araw’, Zephanie surely enjoyed every bit of her performance with none other than the Pop Star Princess, Sarah Geronimo!

A medley of the Pop Star Royalty’s songs

Having the moment of her life, Zephanie beautifully sang along to one of her idols and musical influences. In fact, she was so talented that she even sounded like Sarah herself. Together, they sang to a medley of the Pop Star Royalty’s songs and of course, they both slayed it!

Watch their amazing performance with us by simply playing the YouTube video below.

Such good singers right? Moreover, we can’t deny the stage presence that Zephanie also exudes. In other words, ‘di siya nagpatalo kay Sarah! ‘Tala’, ‘Kilometro’, ‘Isa Pang Araw’, Zeph surely owned the songs like it was hers!

Because of this, we are looking forward to the bright future that is opening itself to the young teen.

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