As individuals who idolize celebrities and talented people, we can’t just help but feel envious of others sometimes.

Fangirls, raise your hands if you have ever felt envious of someone else! We all have one way or another right? Especially if the case was that they met your idol! Because as a fangirl myself, I can’t help but to say “sana all” in situations like that. So when I saw photos of Anne Curtis finally meeting her idol oppa Gong Yoo, you all know what I thought. Sana all.

Let’s be honest, it would be nice if we all met our idols too, wouldn’t it? It would be great if we could attend all of their concerts, meet them in our person, and have our photos taken with them. So I could just imagine what Anne Curtis felt at that moment.

A fangirl’s dream

As a big fan of the K-drama series ‘Goblin’, Anne Curtis has often talked about her admiration for the titular lead’s actor, Gong Yoo. In fact, she had visited some spots in Korea and Canada where they apparently shot some scenes for Goblin. Plus, she would also often ask her fans on Twitter to edit her in some of the actor’s photos.

Look at this adorable video of her below taken last 2017 while waiting in line for Gong Yoo’s performance in Hong Kong.

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With her excitement obviously seen in the video above, you can imagine how she really looks up to her idol.

So when she went to the launch of Louis Vuitton’s flagship store in Seoul last October 30, we assume that she must have been in bliss. She finally saw Gong Yoo face-to-face and it even looks like she had the chance to talk to the actor!

Again, sana all! Check their photo below.

Aside from her idol though, she also got the chance to get her photo taken with Sehun from the K-pop boy group, EXO. What a lucky girl!

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Put being envious aside though, we are very happy for Anne Curtis! But again, sana all.

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