Cheat’s member Saab Magalona announces the birth of the newest addition to her family. And it’s one bouncing baby boy!

It’s official! The Magalona-Bacarro household just got bigger! Because Saab Magalona just gave birth to one bouncing baby boy. And he’s just as good-looking as his parents!

                    We finally met another best friend yesterday!                        Say hello to our 9.2-pounder Vito Tomas Magalona Bacarro! 

Full of excitement and joy, Cheats members and couple, Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro, welcomed their newborn. Their second baby boy, a 9.2 pounder infant was born on Monday, September 16 with the name Vito Tomas Magalona Bacarro.

Baby Vito Tomas follows the couple’s first born son Pancho Gerardo Magalona Baccaro. Supposedly, Pancho has a twin sister, Luna Isabel. But unfortunately, they lost baby Luna to a miscarriage. She announced her pregnancy with Vito Tomas last April. And according to the couple, Pancho himself was just as excited like them to see his new baby sibling.

While Pancho is named after his paternal grandfather, it’s still a mystery as to where the couple got the name for baby Vito Tomas. But nevertheless, his name does resonate the same vintage and classic vibe just like his older brother, Pancho.

Aside from being parents, Saab Magalona – Baccaro and Jim Baccarro are also members of the indie alternative rock band, Cheats. You can check out their music because is on Spotify!

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