Riot released its very first anime short, Season 2019: A New Journey. Embark on a journey on LoL’s new season now!

The latest installment of League of Legends‘ ‘It’s On’ series is Season 2019: A New Journey. It was released right after the new 2019 cinematic, ‘Awaken‘. And what’s more is that this is Riot’s very first Japanese short, all in traditional hand-drawn animation. If you are one of the Summoners who love anime, then ‘A New Journey’ would capture your heart.

‘Season 2019: A New Journey’ is loosely inspired by the true story of Michelle, a university student who joined a League of Legends team on campus. It introduces League of Legend Season 9 in an exciting and positive aura. ‘A New Journey’ is not just a promotion for new Summoners but encourages everyone to be part of the amazing gaming community. And with the new season starting, Summoners will encounter amazing changes for the best gaming experience in League. A new ranked play system, new stat shards, new champions, new events and reworks too!

So you might have noticed that it looks like an anime opening. Yes, it does. And that is because of P.A. Works who collaborated with this short. P.A. Works is a well-known Japanese animation studio for their works like ‘Angels Beats!’, ‘Another’, and ‘Charlotte’. Also, they have produced animated movies like ‘Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms’. In addition to that, you can thank Shingo Yamashita for the action animation sequences in the clip. He was not the mind behind the action scenes in ‘Naruto: Shippuden’ and ‘Soul Eater’ for nothing. On the other hand, YouTuber AmaLee (LeeandLie) is behind the vocals and lyrics of ‘A New Journey’. She’s popular for her English covers of anime and video game songs.

Fans are curious if we are getting a full-blown anime as ‘A New Journey’ is definitely a bomb. But either way, we can expect to get the best of League of Legends this season, so don’t miss it out! Sign up and play for free!

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