Wubba lubba dub dub! Missing your favorite show? Spice up your Rick and Morty experience with Shmek’m Rick and Morty Tagalog Dub! You’ll be rolling over laughing with their hilarious dubs!

Pipino Rick! Want to see funny Rick and Morty clips dubbed in Tagalog? Worry not, cause Shmek’m’s got you! The Davaoeño filmmakers just published two Tagalog dub videos of Rick and Morty. And to be honest, it’s funny as it can get!

Check out their Rick and Morty Tagalog Dub below. But before that! Disclaimer, guys! The videos contain profanity that is not suitable for kids!

Pinoy Rick and Morty

We know Rick and Morty for having funny one-liners and depreciating jokes. From Rick’s nonsensical blabber about life and science to Morty’s depressing and negative opinions. That’s what makes Rick and Morty hilarious. But changing the gears up with a Pinoy dub is another thing!

They Tagalized iconic scenes from the show which turned out to be funny in Filipino too. It gave birth to a funny meme “Pipino Rick”, the literal translation of Rick Sanchez’s “Pickle Rick” line. In the opening scene, Morty has a Visayan accent and it seemed funny since it matches Morty’s original stutter. Even Rick and Summer’s Filipino dub sounds somehow similar to the original.

If you think the original Rick and Morty is funny, then the Pinoy dub is much funnier for us. The dub incorporated iconic Filipino memes like “Dubidubidapdap” from Willie Revillame and “Sample” from ‘It’s Showtime’. Well, we find it funny because we relate or we know what is it about. And it’s actually funnier since we know the jokes.

Boy, I do love how the Pinoy dub was when they were crying. That’s like so me when I have too many things to do in a day. Shmek’m really know how to make us laugh with Rick and Morty, Pinoy style!

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