A Resident Evil movie reboot is coming your way and it’s “super scary” according to Director Johannes Roberts!

Constantin Film announced that a new ‘Resident Evil’ reboot is underway and it is going back to the roots of the game, unlike the other ‘Resident Evil’ movies.

A reboot isn’t new at all when it comes to film franchises. Often times, it is an attempt of directors to have a different take on once-famous movies fit for modern-day audiences. ‘Batman Begins (2015)’, ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)’, ‘Star Trek (2009)’, and ‘It (2017)’ are some remakes that also became high-grossed movies, living up to the name of their movie origin.

Now, Director Johannes Roberts is also hoping that his take on the ‘Resident Evil’ movie reboot will become a massive hit. According to him, it will be “super scary” and will stay close to the game.

“We are in active development of that at the moment. I pitched them a take, and they really loved it. So, we are just gearing up on that as we speak, really. I’m in the office all the time there. So, yeah, it’s great. It’s gonna be super scary. It’s super, super scary. And it’s just getting back to the roots of the game. I think, at the moment, I’m not really allowed to say much more than that. But it’s gonna be a lot of fun.”

Johannes Roberts is known for his horror and thriller movies such as ’47 Meters Down’, ‘The Strangers: Prey at Night’, and ‘The Other Side of the Door’.

So far, the ‘Resident Evil’ film franchise has been able to produce six live-action films from 2002 to 2017, as directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. The last film produced by the franchise was in 2017 with ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’, $312.2 million worldwide.

Alice disapproves

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In 2017, when rumors of the reboot were just sprouting, Milla Jovovich, who portrayed Alice in the science fiction horror film expressed her disapproval with the film remake. Milla believes it is unwise to reboot the franchise so soon after it had finished.

“They’ve announced a reboot? Okay, well good luck with that. I think a lot of people with these franchises kind of put the cart before the horse. There’s a danger to that. They’ve been wanting to reboot Resident Evil for a long time, and listen: I love the Resident Evil world. I think it’s a great property, I would do it if I was a producer. I think what made Resident Evil so special is that the people involved really loved what they’re doing and really were fans of the game.”

“I would suggest that you find people that have that same passion for the property before you talk about reboots. I think if you get into this kind of genre, people are very sensitive to fakes. There’s some real fans in the sci-fi/action/horror world, and they’re not idiots. They can smell when something is done because people love it and when something is done just to monetize an opportunity.”

We understand Alice’s sentiments, however, isn’t monetizing film franchise part of the reason why they do movie reboots? And isn’t it a bit hypocritical to say that even though she earned millions from the film franchise?

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