The Metro Manila Film Festival is back with another set of films. And yes, it’s not the best batch of films. But one broke through the barrier of commercial movies we love. Groundbreaking and relevant, I can proudly say that Rainbow’s Sunset saved MMFF 2018!

I’ve been on the lookout for the Magic 8 of MMFF 2018. MMFF has always and possibly, will always be all about the money. When I learned about the official list of movies for the film fest, I was disappointed. It was mostly commercialized movies.

No offense, I know film companies have to do it for profit. But it’s sad because 2018 was supposed to be the year of groundbreaking “indie” movies. The year started with a bunch of “indie” movies that are really changing the movie industry of the country. But MMFF seemed to have broken that chain.

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But while looking for a movie that will be worth the money, I stumbled upon ‘Rainbow’s Sunset’. And I can proudly say that this is THE GEM in MMFF 2018.

Check out the trailer here!

Rainbow’s Sunset (Spoiler alert!)

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This Joel Lamangan movie proved to be that there’s still hope in MMFF. Like the usual Filipino family favorite films, it showed the essence of the Christmas season—love and forgiveness. But aside from that, it was also an LGBT-themed movie.

‘Rainbow’s Sunset’ is about an old former senator Ramon Estrella (Eddie Garcia) who came out as gay in his senior years. His decision of coming out of the closet is because of his cancer-stricken lover, Fredo (Tony Mabesa). He leaves his wife, Sylvia (Gloria Romero), who understood the situation of his husband. Sylvia understood the intensity of the relationship between Ramon and Fredo.

But their three children: Emman (Tirso Cruz III), Georgina (Aiko Melendez) and Fe (Sunshine Dizon) were shocked by the revelation. They tried to think of ways to get their father to return. True, they care about how their mother feels. But they’re afraid of the backlash they will get from the opinions of other people, considering that they are involved in politics.

But despite their persistence, Ramon was firm about his decision. Eventually, youngest child Fe accepted the situation with his dad and his Tito Fredo. Soon enough, Emman gives in too. Only Georgina was unmoved by the condition of their Tito Fredo and Ramon. But that conflict brought the greatest lesson in the movie: love moves in mysterious ways. It comes in different forms and we can’t really control it once love has taken you over.

Why it saved MMFF 2018

What made ‘Rainbow’s Sunset’ a gem was that it showed the familial and unconditional love in one’s family. Despite the circumstances, family rises above problems. It was touching that they’ve shown forgiveness and love go hand in hand. Most of all, how they incorporated such a relevant LGBT issue in the country. A lot of LGBT members can relate to the movie because it’s indeed hard to come out, especially in a Filipino household.

We live in a very religious country and we can be very traditional. With liberation regards LGBT, it can be tough not only for the young ones but also for the seniors who feel that way. They’ve identified themselves as someone in a different gender. But because of tradition, they’re afraid of the backlash they will get from other people, mostly from their own family.

Not everyone can be understanding like Sylvia and Fe. Some can be really stubborn like Georgina. And it takes a while before they come around. But ‘Rainbow’s Sunset’ opens the door of understanding, love, and acceptance that a family needs. In this harsh world we live in, who do we turn to first? Who will we run to first? It will always be our family, our relatives. And instead of being harsh, we need to learn to accept. It’s hard but it’s for the best. Like the old saying goes, “Sino pa ba ang susuporta sa isa’t isa kundi tayo lang rin.” and I think that’s beautiful.

MMFF 2018 may not be the greatest film fest to end the year but atleast we have ‘Rainbow’s Sunset’. It’s the best movie to end 2018 with our hearts full of love and acceptance. No comedy and no love story can top the love and acceptance of family. And maybe, just maybe, this can turn around the life of many Filipinos.

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