From the creators of ‘Resident Evil’ comes a new game: Project Resistance! We’ve got everything you need to know—and the trailer, right here!

Who would have thought that Capcom would go in a multiplayer direction for the Resident Evil series? What with the success of their Resident Evil 2 remake. One would think they’d push this further by remaking more of their games. But with the release of the trailer for their new game, ‘Project Resistance’ they’ve got us feeling Left 4 Dead vibes. Watch the trailer here:

Project Resistance


Let’s go through the trailer! So the trailer starts with four characters holding weapons, in what appears to be, an Umbrella Corp laboratory. And in classic Resident Evil fashion, an unknown figure is seen in some sort of control room. And then of course, with the flick of a few switches, the zombies come out! So nothing really new, everything seems pretty standard for Resident Evil games. ‘Project Resistance’ will debut at the Tokyo Game Show happening on September 12 to 15. Where we’ll finally be able to see actual gameplay!

Mr. X or Tyrant

Image result for mr x project resistance


The only time we got excited about the trailer was at the end when they showed ‘Mr. X’. Just imagining going up against him, got our blood pumping. He’s one of the more formidable foes in the Resident Evil games. And if he’s anything like he was in Resident Evil 2, there’s not much you can do against him.

Time to form a team!


Thumbnails of the scene showing the four characters holding weapons were leaked in August this year. And that’s when fans began speculating that Resident Evil’s new game was going to be a co-op game. And it looks like they were right. Although the trailer didn’t show any actual gameplay, having characters who aren’t from the older Resident Evil games are a good indication that it’s multiplayer. But as to what extent, we’ll only have to wait and see.

Overall we’re excited about a new zombie shooter game that we can play with friends. Especially one that’s running on the same engine as Resident Evil 2. Hopefully, the beautiful graphics won’t distract us from getting eaten by zombies!

So what did you think of the trailer for ‘Project Resistance’? Do you think it’s something you’ll play? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.