A day shouldn’t be spared without having a good laugh. So here are 5 Pinoy memes proving Filipinos have the best humor!

In what better way to start your week right than with some handful of memes? You all know the saying, “You can never go wrong with memes.” Born from the wittiness of its creators, memes come in different themes and humor—and we all love them. From being stupidly funny or just a sarcastic remark, memes have become an essential part of our lives.

And as this phenomenon of memes transcended to the country, we have witnessed some truly good Pinoy memes in our time. And as you all know, we Filipinos are known to be comical in nature. We can turn around serious situations with our innate humor and diminish the awkwardness in the air.

So take a break, relax, and let’s look at some Pinoy memes!

#1 Hmmm…

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Facebook Andres Bulate

#2 Stiffneck.jpg

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Facebook Khrystal Lu Bangod

#3 ‘Yung wala pang sweldo

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Facebook Jace Gonzales Mulawin

#5 Obosin

Image result for duterte thanos


#6 BaThanos

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Youtube Duterte News Report

#7 Samurai K

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Facebook Yeyet Banaag

#8 Julia and Bea as teenage girls

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Facebook Wilbur Jimenez Dela Rosa

#9 The irony…

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#10 Surprise!

Image may contain: 4 people

Facebook Noon at Ngayon – Changes

#11 That escalated quickly…

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Facebook Khalil Cosmos

#12 Case in point

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Facebook Arvin Jay C. Villanueva

What did you think of our top 5 Pinoy memes? Do we have the best humor or what? Did these memes give you a good laugh like it did to us? Feel free to tell us your thoughts and questions down below! Or you can hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. And if you liked this story then make sure to stay tuned here on U Do U for more updates!