Finally! Some Pinoy films dropped on Netflix!

You read it right! Following Netflix’s release of films ‘BuyBust’, ‘Heneral Luna’, and ‘Kita Kita’ late last year, more Pinoy films have been made available to the streaming platform this year.

Four Sisters and a Wedding dropped on Netflix!

Joining the bunch is Cathy Garcia Molina’s iconic ‘Four Sisters And A Wedding’ which never fails to tug our heartstrings. I guess everyone who has seen this Pinoy film can make a lot of us cry.

Netflix took to Twitter on February 28 to announce the film’s availability on the site, and the Filipino internet community went WILD.

Because Roberta (played by Bea Alonzo) is an icon we all love, people from the Twitterverse could not help but chip in…

Clearly, we just won’t get over this classic family drama. Bea Alonzo with her hands to her chest will always be a timeless image you can actually hear. Now we can cry with her and Teddie over Divisoria bags (and hate on the Bayags with their under-the-sea gowns) in HD, thanks to Netflix.

More Pinoy films!

The site has since released more Pinoy films including KathNiel‘s ‘Can’t Help Fallin’ In Love’ and ‘She’s Dating The Gangster’. But not to worry, Netflix did not want to fall short on your romantic drama cravings, so they also added these in:

-My Ex & Whys (because we’re not ugly and replaceable)

-That Thing Called Tadhana (because there are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice)

-Starting Over Again (because we deserve an explanation and an acceptable reason!)

These Pinoy films and more are now available for us to watch in the convenience of our very own homes. The viewers asked, and Netflix provided. This is undoubtedly something to be proud of as a Pinoy. At the same time, it is a big step towards patronizing local films of ours as it has already been made this accessible to us.

So, Ma… sorry, Ma… but I think I’m definitely gonna be spending my week binge-watching these!

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