PEUTP: PUP’s Dating Site is coming soon! PUPians are shaking because of this (wonderful?) news!

Dating apps and websites have taken over courtship in this age. Be it Tinder, OKCupid and Bumble, people are into the convenient ways of meeting new people and/or their potential partner. And dating app users, mostly college students, are developing their own university dating portal as well! You might have heard of University of the Philippines’ “UPdate” and Ateneo de Manila University’s “Ateneut”. But have you heard of Polytechnic University of the Philippines’ “PEUTP”?

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Just recently, a dating portal for the Polytechnic University of the Philippines called PEUTP came up. The soon-to-be-launched PUP dating portal is making a buzz in social media. It’s supposed to launch just before the Christmas break.

PUP’s first dating portal

According to the announcement, PEUTP is for the PUP college body only. It seems to be a mash-up of Tinder and Facebook. Students can chat with other students, join chat rooms, and meet them in person too.

Here’s the teaser video they released for the dating website. I may not be a PUPian, but I’m excited about this development!

The developers announced that they will be adding other features. Since PEUTP’s breakout in the social media space, PUPians are giving suggestions regarding the upcoming site. The comments and feedback of students and non-students were hilarious. They were all fired up for this dating portal for just iskolars like them. What can I say, PUPians like their partners intelligent, passionate and street smart? As they say, intelligent is the new sexy!

Since it’s a dating portal and you’ll never really know what can happen, the PEUTP developers made a disclaimer. Despite being students of their Sintang Paaralan, the website, by any means, is not affiliated or supported by the university. Nor do they intend to tarnish the reputation of PUP. After all, PEUTP is a startup by students alone.

PUPians are really excited for the site to launch. Here are some of their crazy comments and suggestions for the site.

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We’re excited about the PEUTP’s appearance and invasion before the year ends! Say goodbye to Tinder, Grindr, and Omegle, Iskolars! PEUPT’s here! We’re ready!

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