Do you relate to the infamous ‘Bart and Lisa meme‘ that has been circulating on social media recently?

In this world, we could somehow say that we live because of other people’s help. When we were born into this world, our parents raised us and helped us in a lot of certain aspects. Plus, whenever we struggled with life, our friends were there to provide a shoulder. So for today, in relation to helping, let’s talk about the Bart and Lisa meme which you can see below.

Bart and Lisa Meme

The photo is really relatable, isn’t it? Honestly, this has been reposted a lot recently so we can’t really track the original creator of it. Going back though, let’s discuss a few things about this sad meme.

On the angle of loving one’s self

One perspective why a lot of people can relate to this meme is because they have been doing it themselves. As we can see in the photo, Lisa is a representation of people helping Bart who is apparently “someone who wouldn’t do the same” back. A lot of people have retweeted this and said, “same” or “if this isn’t me” and honestly, we understand them.

As some users say, realizing this has made them recognize the people who only use them for their kindness. So in a good way, they learned about the toxic people that they should let go. In a sense, this could bring out the sense of self-love.

However, there is another angle that we want you to look at.

Humanity, dignity, and respect

Have you watched the Netflix and NBC show, The Good Place? Because if not, you really have to watch it! The series will show you a lot about morality, philosophy, humanity, and life in general. Why are we bringing this up though?

One word: motivations.

Help people because you want to, and not because you want them to help you back. When you understand more about human dignity, you will know that we should help people because they deserve it. Not because of personal satisfaction or utang na loobbut because of respect for them as humans.

Yes, get rid of people who seem to abuse your help and become dependent on it. But at the same time, help whenever you can. Do not put yourself at expense though when things become complicated. Simply help because of your own and others’ humanity.

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