Adding more apocalyptic vibes to the global pandemic situation is the trailer for the sequel to Train to Busan.

The official trailer for PENINSULA: TRAIN TO BUSAN was released today.

The much-awaited sequel


Set four years after a zombie outbreak hit Korea, Peninsula: Train To Busan brings us to a desolate world completely destroyed by the apocalypse. If in the first film, we followed the heartbreaking story of Gong Yoo and his daughter as they tried to survive on the train from Seoul to Busan, the promising sequel seems to focus on the large-scale devastating effects of the outbreak. Scenes are more gripping, packed with thrilling car chases and explosions, and seemingly stronger and grittier zombies. Plus, from the looks of it, we may expect to face another adversity apart from the infected: humans themselves.

I mean, we did fight against one human character in the original film. As a matter of fact, he has become one of the most hated characters in modern film history. But as you see that part in the trailer where a man gets thrown into a zombie-filled arena as the foul-looking audience goes wild, we may expect to see more messed up people like him contributing to the chaos.

Yeah. This face brings back so many hateful memories.

Peninsula: Train To Busan is directed by Yeon Sang Ho and starred by Kang Dong Won x Lee Jung Hyun. If we’re lucky, we may expect to see the film hit the big screen this August of 2020.

What do you think of the trailer?

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