Paulo Avelino opens up about his battle with depression

Even the brightest stars fall sometimes. And Paulo Avelino reminds us of that as he opens up about his battle with depression.

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In an Instagram post yesterday on November 6, we were reminded that depression chooses no one. As ABS-CBN star, Paulo Avelino bravely shared some very personal sentiments about his battle with depression. But for the safety of everyone, we must first warn you that this article contains triggering graphic content.

We were very surprised when we stumbled upon his post, and even more surprised for his reasons to share it.

Check it out below:

“I think its time I talked about this dark period in my life because I know someone out there is going through the same thing”


It’s one thing to have mental health issues, it’s another thing to open up and share them with the world. Especially since, as a celebrity, the world always has its eyes on you. So we applaud Paulo Avelino’s bravery in sharing his experiences to spread hope for those who are struggling through the same things.

Depression chooses no one.

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“Even the people who appear to be okay or who seem to have it all might be going through their own struggles, fighting their own demons.”

So remember to be kind. Because you’ll never know if that smiling face is hiding something else behind it. Because depression chooses no one, even big stars like Paulo Avelino can have mental health issues too.

The most important thing to keep in mind from his message is to not “be afraid to reach out to your friends, family, and loved ones.” Even if all you can say is that you’re not okay, all it takes is the right set of ears to listen. And for those of you who have friends and family who do have mental health issues, it’s important to let them know that you’re always there.

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