In this world filled with poverty, there is always that endless question — if there’s ever going to be a “real” change in our society.

Even if we do not conduct a survey, you can see that most of the families especially those living in third world countries are packed like sardines in their homes. This is a common truth that is usually portrayed through different platforms–one of which is through filmmaking.

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Among the best films that could be well-known in showcasing this social issue, is ‘Parasite‘, Bong Joon-ho’s latest Cannes Award-winning film. It was able to bag six nominations for this coming 92nd Academy Awards also known as the Oscars.

Director Bong Joon-ho, for those who don’t know him yet, is also the one who gave life to other notable films such as “Okja”, “Snowpiercer” and “Mother”. His films were also nominees for numerous international competitions such as Cannes, Academy Awards, BAFTA Awards, and Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. As a great filmmaker, no doubt that ‘Parasite’ which is one of his best works, allowed him to get into the elusive Oscar Awards nominations next month.

Stretching the Story

The movie starts in the basement of the Kim family where they are struggling to connect to a WiFi Signal. Right from the get-go, you can see in every frame how carefully chosen the scenes are to depict their daily reality — enough to view and describe how we see a family fighting to survive, whose only viable option to make a living is through accepting odd jobs/rackets such as folding pizza boxes.

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Their family is the most honest portrait to describe the poverty that most families are experiencing today. Towards the end of the film, we see that there are no happy-endings through their manic facade.  This tragic story simply shows that no one really wins through deceit and lies. It is never okay to justify how you committed a crime to survive.

Unraveling Details and Symbolism in the Film

One of the most prominent symbols in the film that clung to us the most is the upstairs-downstairs parallelism in the film. The filmmaker used it to describe the circumstances we have to embrace in reality. It is a smart way to showcase how poor families suffer underneath the basement. At the same time, there could always be wealthy families finding oblivious bliss upstairs.

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Additionally, Director Bong used another notable metaphor in the film. Remember the peculiar stone that Ki-woo received from his friend? Apparently, that stone can symbolize the arrival of wealth to one’s family.

If you are going to observe, the weight of the stone symbolizes the sheer strength it took for the protagonist in the story. With it, he mustered the courage to create a “facade” just to get a job. Eventually in the end, this outrageous feeling that he carried inside turned into a pang of heavy guilt as seen towards the end of the film.

There’s just too much buzz surrounding this film. Aside from being the first South Korean Film Best Picture nominee that is truly a feat, this film will no doubt entertain people with its authenticity and humor.

So, tune in on the 92nd Academy Awards to witness how ‘Parasite’ will definitely be etched onto the history of film making. You could also re-watch it and see the significance of the details in the film.

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