Are you ready for the ULTIMATE KILIG CAR-GEL movie? The movie we’ve all been kilig about is finally here—Exes Baggage movie.

The long wait is over, CarGel fans! ‘Exes Baggage’ movie is showing on Wednesday (September 26, 2018) in cinemas nationwide!

Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban were previously known as child actors before they were paired together as a love team. And for their comeback movie as an onscreen couple, we’re honestly feeling giddy about these two love birds. Their off-screen and on-screen chemistry is just—OMG!

The movie mainly talks about how one deals with their relationships, past or present. And given this intensely relatable topic and the perfect casting, we can’t help but SCREAM our hearts out for this movie!

Here are the movie’s trailers that we’re sure will hype you about this kilig film!

But more than that, we KNOW you love binge-watching their other videos.

So we have them here for you too!

Aren’t they ADORBS?!

Definitely our OTP.

#CarGel for life!

Since they (finally) admitted to have dated in the past, we know where all the Exes Baggage HUGOT is coming from!

And to top that all of that off, Ben&Ben also sings about them!

After the big music video collab with the popular historical movie ‘GOYO’, Ben&Ben’s ‘Maybe The Night’ makes it to Exes Baggage OST! Congrats Ben&Ben!

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