With Liza withdrawing from playing Darna, the social media went abuzz as to who should take the stone next!

Darna might be the most iconic Filipina superhero of all time! I bet most of us would remember pretending to swallow a pebble and shouting “Darna!” while jumping off of our beds when we were little kids! Darna has been a classic representation of the Filipina’s strength. Created by Mars Ravelos, Darna is emblematic of the Filipinos’ daily grind and bravery and somehow gave us hope that there are good people out there willing to help others.

In 2015, ABS-CBN has announced an upcoming film remake of the famous comics. The team has first considered Angel Locsin, who has also played the role in 2005, to play Darna for the film. However, back injuries prevented her from accepting the role. Angel urged fans to support and be happy for whoever is going to play Darna next.

Most were saddened by this news, as we have really loved Angel Locsin as Darna. But in May of 2o17, ABS-CBN finally confirmed that Liza Soberano is taking on the Darna role. However, just recently, Liza Soberano had announced her withdrawal from the film due to a finger injury, following Direk Erik Matti’s withdrawal from the film in 2018. Liza had worked very hard for the role, squeezing training for the role while filming her most recent fantaserye ‘Bagani’ but as for her, she doesn’t want the film to suffer if she’d do the scenes with the hindrance of an injury. She’d better give the role to someone who would do the role justice.

With this news, we are frantically thinking of who could possibly replace Angel and Liza. The social media is in a debacle as to who is most fitting to take on the stone. Two of the most appropriate artists to play the role has already withdrawn, do you think one of these ABS-CBN stars can don on the red suit?

Kathryn Bernardo

Okay, so this is a Wonder Woman costume, don’t crucify me for this. I just think it best shows how Kathryn would look like as a superheroine, which, let’s admit it, is gorgeous! She can be remembered to have done a project with Angel Locsin which was ‘La Luna Sangre’. Before that show was aired, she expressed her thankfulness if ever she were to be considered for the role.

Nadine Lustre

Photo from newsko.com.ph

Nadine is literally winning everything in life! It seems that netizens want her to play the role the most, as she won the Push poll for the next Darna after Angel Locsin announced that she wouldn’t be doing the project, garnering 48% as opposed to the other candidates who expressed their willingness to do the role. And frankly, we can’t complain! I mean, look at her. Physique? Check! Perfect Filipina, morena beauty. She also has the built to be doing the role. Acting skills? Check! It seems that it’s only the white stone we’re waiting for here.

Pia Wurtzbach

Photo from Glitz.PH

And of course, why don’t we consider Pia Wurtzbach while we’re at it? There’s no question she has the body for it. And by the acting skills we witnessed from her so far, she really could do it! The only downside is that the character doesn’t call for someone who would stand out in a crowd, Narda is pretty basic looking based on the story. Is it too much to say she’s too beautiful for the role? Nonetheless, we all know she’d do it justice.

Cristine Reyes

Photo from Inquirer.net

Cristine Reyes can do action. She proved it to us when she bravely took on the role in her latest film, ‘Maria‘. Considered one of the sexiest women in the Philippines, Cristine Reyes does not fall short of the whole entity that is Darna, and there is no doubt she’d look awesome in that fire red costume, too!

Maja Salvador

Photo from CHISMS.net

I think we all cannot question the versatility of Maja Salvador on screen. She has played various action scenes in her shows ‘Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin’ and ‘Ang Probinsyano’, and there is no doubt that with the proper training, she can very much well be the next Darna! Her very Filipina features also stand out, as she has that angst in her looks. Also, can we just mention that this girl doesn’t seem to know how to age? No kidding, she looks even younger than most of us in our 20s. With the selection of Liza Soberano, we think that the film was originally made for someone younger as opposed to how Marian Rivera played it (she was 24 then). They might have to tweak it a little for Maja, but still, she would do great as the famous Filipina heroine.

Julia Montes

Photo from Pictame

Here’s one of our very versatile actresses. I think Julia Montes already proved herself to all of us when it comes to her acting. She has played Kara and Sara in ‘Doble Kara’. We can vouch for her acting skills as we have seen her play the roles she had before so well. She is also very Darna-like. Her face is very Filipina and we see nothing wrong about her being the next Darna!

With all these women in mind, it can be hard to choose! Of course, these are just some of the celebrities we think would do well with the role, but the possibilities are endless. Who knows! ABS-CBN might even choose someone who is not included in this list, but we hope whoever they’d be casting would do the role justice.

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