BIG YIKES! An animated movie about Magellan is apparently coming to PH cinemas and netizens are not pleased about it.

As a part of our education, we Filipinos have all learned how we were conquered by Spain for more than 300 years. As a product of that, we were introduced to Christianity and other Western concepts. Moreover, the remnants of those years still lie all throughout the Philippines. So by now, we are all familiar with the story of Ferdinand Magellan. But did you know that next year, an animated movie about him titled ‘Elcano & Magellan’ will be shown in Philippine cinemas?

Apparently, it’s a movie produced by Spain to entertain and educate people about the first voyage around the world. Watch the teaser for it below, as released by local distributor, CRYSTALSKY Multimedia.

Moreover, the caption from their YouTube video states a short explanation for the film.

Anchors away! Hoist the sails!
It’s time to embark on one of the most thrilling adventures of all time; the first ever circumnavigation of the globe in human history! A trip that ended in the same place it began, but after nothing would ever be the same again. This is the story of the brave seafarers who grabbed the helm of history and changed its course forever. A journey which, as many people know, was started by Ferdinand Magellan who was killed by Lapu-Lapu and his men from the Philippines at the battle of Mactan, but not so many know was concluded by Juan Sebastian Elcano.

Netizens want the movie pulled-out from cinemas

There is no denying that a movie depicting our own country’s colonizers as good is a big red flag. Moreover, it even seems like they are showing Lapu-Lapu as the villain in the Battle of Mactan. So because of this, a lot of netizens have shared their sentiments about ‘Elcano & Magellan’.

Read the thoughts of some Twitter users below. A summary though: they are all pissed. Scratch that, WE ARE ALL PISSED.

In our opinion, this movie is not for the Filipino audience. The local distributor, CRYSTALSKY, should think about it. ‘Cause hello, who would dare watch it? Conflicts between countries and their clear understanding of history is still a problem, but this is just too much of an eyesore for us. After all, they are the people that colonized us, and 300 years is f*cking long.

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