Will Netflix’s The Society end up like Riverdale? I think not. Here’s why we think The Society is going to be bigger and better!

Don’t fret. Netflix’s ‘The Society’ seems to be heading towards something darker, bigger and better compared to ‘Riverdale‘. And we’re not complaining. The newest Netflix suspenseful dystopian YA show brings a new taste to the table. And it seems like The Society is not going anywhere anytime soon.

‘The Society’ follows the story of a group of teens stranded in a parallel universe of their wealthy Connecticut town. But the catch is, there are no adults or any other way out of the town that seems to be their hometown. It’s like ‘Lord of the Flies’ meets TV series ‘Lost’, but more modern, like a post-apocalyptic dystopian world. Cut off from the world, no way out, no other people but you and teens of all different walks of life.

According to the creator Christopher Keyser, ‘The Society’ aims to reflect how teens nowadays would react if they are left in that kind of situation. After finding they out that they have all the time and free will in the world, they go on a week of partying. Until it hits them. There’s no one to take care of them. No one to feed them. Handle the garbage. Take care of the town and themselves. Just them.

All they know is that they’re like starting over a new world, with no idea how they would do it. And it’s scary. How young people react, think and decide in such kind of situation. Whether they are powerless or not. True enough, the whole world they are living in brings the best and worst of everyone. And learning to live and build a civilization from scratch isn’t as easy as it seems for teens.

Probably better than Riverdale

Unlike the neo-noir world of ‘Riverdale’, ‘The Society’ is much more grounded to reality. There’s this chaos waiting to burst if their so-called “society” toppled over. And without any adult supervision, boundaries seems to be a distant memory. True enough, ‘Riverdale’ has its own charms. But somehow it has lost its charms along the way. And with the potential chaos and suspense that ‘The Society’ offers, it’s promising a new teen drama obsession, if you ask me. (I’m definitely rooting for the love tandem of Grizz and Sam!)

No hate, no shade for ‘Riverdale’. It’s the OG, after all. But things are looking brighter even for the 10-episode Season 1 of ‘The Society’.

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