Learn to appreciate life through the adorable stop-motion animation series Rilakkuma and Kaoru!

Despite the cuteness it has, Netflix‘s ‘Rilakkuma and Kaoru’ brings us to tears. The stop-motion animation series took everyone to a new slice-of-life experience that hits close to home. It walks us through the daily life of Kaoru for a year-long period. Indeed, she lives a dull life as an ordinary 25-year old office worker. But everything gets a little better with the company of her unusual plushie roommates; Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori.

Kaoru seems to struggle in her life, both her personal and work life. Outside work, she’s all alone living in a rundown apartment. Not until she housed her adorable plushie friends. Even though her roommates comes off like kids, it definitely helps Kaoru relax and have fun in their own little ways. I mean, we’re used to the slice-of-life story with lots of things going on. But Rilakkuma and Kaoru show that even a peaceful and mundane life can be exciting and peculiar at its own.

Rilakuma and company

The San X mascot Rilakkuma means “relaxing bear”. And indeed he does love to relax. After getting picked up by Kaoru at some point in the series, Rilakkuma shows off a laid-back personality. True enough, he’s quite lazy and loves to eat snacks, especially dango. While he may come off as a bit insensitive, he still loves Kaoru.

Korilakkuma, on the other hand, is the younger bear plush in the gang. Even though he’s the youngest of the bunch, he’s much more responsible than Rilakkuma. He’s like the middle child of the bunch, caught up with everyone’s troubles. Of course, just like Rilakkuma, he loves to dig into snacks too. And last but not least is Kiiroitori. He’s the first pet that Kaoru owned. And he’s the most sensible and responsible of them all. He takes care of their home when Kaoru’s not around. He’s also responsible for cooking food for everyone. Isn’t that cute, right?

Relaxing and a healing experience

Kaoru struggles in her daily life as an adult. Not only because she’s living a single life, but also because of her lurking insecurities. She embodies a lot of young women in today’s society. Having the feeling of inadequacy in career and personal life.  In the short span of 13 episodes, we get to see Kaoru live her life in the most simple way possible. Being a simple girl herself, she doesn’t have a flashy lifestyle. Unlike her workmate Sayu. But despite that, she learns that you don’t have to be popular or flashy or extra to live your life to the fullest.

To live life is to live it by being your truest self. Cutting off the toxicity and of course, not trying to fit into the society’s norms. It can be tedious, trying to fit into society. The constant anxiety it causes can be heavy.  She’s shown her flaws and insecurities, no doubt. But at the end of the day, day by day, she’s shown her growth with the help of her plush roommates.

Admittedly, her life wasn’t flashy but she learned to appreciate all the small good things in her life. And she found the happiness in her own humble home. You don’t have to hurry yourself to find success or happiness in life, just to keep up with everybody else. Life isn’t a race. We bloom in different periods. You can be indecisive, impulsive and reckless because that’s how we start out. Eventually, you’ll get on your own footing and stand on your two feet as you move forward in life just like Kaoru.

For a cute series like ‘Rilakkuma and Kaoru’, I didn’t expect that it would pack a heavy punch like that. But in all honesty, it was definitely a breath of fresh air. The way it delivered a simple slice-of-life story is artistic and compelling. You’d just find yourself getting reeled into by the engaging and relaxing stories that you’d love.

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