Loving someone from afar is one thing but stalking is another. But Netflix’s You stalker series has gotten into us and it’s our newest addiction.

Netflix’s new psychological thriller series is really making a buzz in the social media space. Netflix “You” follows the story of book store manager Joe Goldberg who is stalking poetry student Guinevere Beck. Penn Badgley plays Joe Goldberg and Elizabeth Lail as Guinevere Beck. The series has just premiered last month, but it has been the talk of the town!

Joe Goldberg has been harboring feelings over his customer, Guinevere Beck. Over time, he appears to show obsessive behavior as he begins to stalk Beck. He follows her around, admires her from afar, stalks her social media accounts. Seems pretty normal for a person who likes someone.

Aside from that, Joe is a handsome debonair who manages a bookstore. But he then turns a sharp left from admiring afar to serious stalking and obsession. And (spoiler alert!) Joe gets violent later on in the series. And when I say violent, his methods become cute stalkerish to creepy, illegal, and murderous stalking. Beck is a bit oblivious about it though. But her best friend, Peach Salinger (Shaw Mitchell) notices it. Plot twist, your girl Peach is a bit stalkerish as well!

What makes you addictive

But despite being a stalker that Joe is, people are STILL loving him. People are honestly saying that they are rooting for Joe all throughout the series. And yes, the disturbing red flags were diminished by the viewers. But I guess people just can’t help to love Joe Goldberg.

Joe Goldberg’s character shares personality and traits from male leads in romantic comedy movies, minus the murderous intents, obvs. If you watch romcom movies, you’ll notice that male leads tend to admire their love interests from afar. They also have some cute stalkerish behavior. Just like Joe. But ‘You’ highlights Joe in a more in-depth manner. He has more personality, which in his case, a bit of a villain.

But somehow, people are loving him. Love and support from fans are scattered all over Twitter. Even actor Penn Badgley has replied with a HARD NO on people who want to get stalked by a Joe persona. HARD NO, people!

Of course, the series doesn’t romanticize stalking behavior but instead, sheds light about it. It also deals with the reality of millennials using social media and dating in the digital age. It doesn’t justify Joe’s behavior in any way. So you better watch ‘You’ right now. Coz Netflix‘s ‘You’ won’t be going anywhere. (That sounded creepy.) And also because, it will also be getting a second season sometime soon!

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