There are things students do that are outside of academics. And some of them can cost lives.


That’s what we expect to see on the upcoming Netflix Original, Extracurriculars, premiering on the 29th of April- a bunch of high school students messing up and suffering fatal consequences. We know we’ve encountered a similar plot at some point before, but do we still want another one? Hell, yeah!

We want it!

As irrational, hormone-driven high school students, some of us might have done some mistakes that still haunt us up to this day. We were young. We were reckless. We had a shared interest in mischief. That probably explains why during those four wild years of our lives, we loved watching films about teenagers getting murdered or starting a bloodbath at the campus. We liked empathizing with those bloodthirsty characters because they were the closest thing we got to experiencing the adventures of our young fantasies.


A brainchild of veteran director Kim Jin-min (Lawless Lawyer, The Time Between Dog and Wolf, and Marriage Contract) and new aspiring writer Jin Han-sae, Extracurricular tells the story of a group of high school students who become entangled in crime and suffer the life-threatening drama that ensues.

An “offbeat, intense drama,” Extracurricular features a pool of young and talented actors led by A-Teen’s Kim Dong-hee, who plays the role of Jisoo. Jung Da-bin, a well-known Korean child actor, takes on the role of ‘mean girl’ Minhee, while a freshly discovered talent Park Ju-hyun plays Jisoo’s accomplice Gyuri. Nam Yoon-su, who has appeared in different web dramas, has been cast as the school-bully Kitae.

We’re thrilled!

From what we could gather on the series’ tagline, ‘Some Mistakes Cannot Be Erased’, we may start bracing ourselves as early as now for an extra-suspenseful ride of thrill and teenage drama.

Are you excited about this Korean series on Netflix?

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