FEATURES: Nadine Lustre is Erik Matti’s personal pick as next Darna

Direk Erik Matti has spoken! Apparently, Nadine Lustre is his personal pick for the next Darna!

A few days ago, Liza Soberano confirmed that she will no longer be playing Darna. And truth to be told, it broke a lot of hearts. Since 2015, Filipinos have their eyes set on the upcoming ‘Darna‘ film. With Erik Matti directing, everyone expects the movie to be a wonderful masterpiece. Especially with Liza Soberano, following the footsteps of OG Darna, Angel Locsin.

However, after an injury, Liza decided to step down from the role. It kept the whole social media abuzz, debating on who should they pass the stone of Darna. It caused an uproar, so to speak and some actresses had to speak up and break off tension. And amidst the waiting game, Direk Erik Matti decides to reveal that he has his eyes set on Nadine Lustre to take on the Darna role.

According to Direk, so far, he can only see Nadine as the next actress to play the role of Darna. For him, Nadine is sultry. Very sultry and possesses that female sensuality while still looking brave and bold. Aside from that, Nadine embodies the perfect Filipina look. Morena with strong features and expressive face.

He mentioned that the key to casting Darna is to have someone look plain and ordinary as Narda. But when she transforms, she’s tough, spunky, and sultry all the way. Nadine embodies all of those looks. It resonates with what Nadine’s supporters say.

Nadine did speak up before Direk Erik’s sentiment was revealed. She said that it should be given to someone who can give justice to the role. So far, there are no comments from her regarding the revelation made.

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