Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus produced the official soundtrack for Maria and it’s got us on the edge of our seats!

You got it right! We know you all have been waiting to hear the film’s soundtrack, and it is finally out. Check out everything we learned about the making of this soundtrack through an official interview!

Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus

I’m pretty sure we won’t be seeing skeletons on a trapeze as far as the film is concerned; the band actually derived its name from the theme of the music they are known for. Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus is popular for making theatrical and horror-inspired music that bagged them numerous awards and a great following.

In line with their theme, the band consists of Bones Frankenstein (vocals), “Doc” Alvin Chan and Karl Kliatchko (guitars), Paige Buan (bass), Karl “Wolf” Vito Cruz (keys), Aldreen Alcantara (drums), and Xombie on backing vocals and technology (even their names scream Halloween!).

How were they chosen for Maria?

Through an exclusive interview, the band shared that Director Pedring Lopez worked with two of their music videos and mentioned that he was shooting a film. He told them he wanted them to produce the soundtrack for the film, and of course, they were all for it!

Also, according to them, the soundtrack for Maria has been a new experience since it is fairly different from their previous works because there is no fantasy theme to it. It’s action and metal. It was also a first for the band to produce a soundtrack for a film, so it is, if I may say, a very big step forward.

You can watch the full interview and learn more about the band here!


What’s in the soundtrack?

5 songs and 3 instrumentals make the soundtrack. We will be hearing these tracks in various parts of the film. The band worked closely with Direk Pedring to be able to know the feeling that a certain scene would demand. And what’s more, the soundtrack stayed true to the film’s theme—it is also female-centric!

Plus, they worked on this soundtrack for only a month! We can only imagine the kind of stress they have been through to put this out. Nonetheless, it doesn’t show on the soundtrack they released. We can only tell you that the soundtrack is FIRE.

Listening to ‘Maria’, the carrying single, made me want to do my Charlie’s Angel fight stance (hiyahhh!). Kidding aside, from what we’ve seen from the trailer, the music would really do well with the theme that the film wants to present. Can’t wait ’till Maria is out on the big screens? You can stream the soundtrack right now!

On another note, the music video for the Maria theme song is out now, and it is INTENSE! The MV showed the band and a few scenes that we haven’t seen in the trailers yet! See it first here:

That’s a lot of blood right there. It gives us a little sneak peek into what the story is about and how it will run, but just enough so it doesn’t reveal the entire story. In addition to the trailer, this music video surely piqued out interest. Gee, is the movie out yet? We want to watch it so bad! But the movie won’t be out until March 27 so… I guess we’ll have to wait.

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