Our favorite Spanish crime-thriller series is on its way for a fourth season and we can’t wait! Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead!

Hola amigos! In case you haven’t heard yet, ‘La Casa De Papel’ or popularly known as, ‘Money Heist’ is returning to Netflix for Season 4. And if it still doesn’t ring a bell, then where the hell have you been?

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‘Money Heist’ is a massively in-demand crime-thriller series on Netflix. It’s about a “Professor” who rounds up a group of criminals and robbers to execute the most brilliant heist the world has ever seen!

The show only had two seasons until Netflix acquired its rights to air internationally. It became a huge success, thus, Season 3 was released. Money Heist became one of Netflix’s non-English shows that garnered millions of views worldwide.

Now, ‘Money Heist’ creator Alex Pino and director Diego Avalos confirmed that our favorite group of robbers will be back for another season which will be more exciting and thrilling.

Even Alvaro Morte a.k.a “Professor” had a thing or two to say about Season 4 on Instagram. It translates to: “Last day of filming. I raise a glass to your health, to that of the team, and to all of you who watch us around the world.”

What’s about to go down?

Okay guys, here are some things we found out about Money Heist Season 4–including when it’ll be released!

But first, let’s have quick run-down of what’s happened in Season 3: Rio gets captured by the police and our favorite gang robbers reunite to save their friend–with some new members. And how, you ask? By staging another heist of course! What’s more, our good-girl-gone-bad detective Raquel Murillo gets caught by the police. The “Professor” is made to think that his ex-enemy and now lover, Raquel, is dead. And Nairobi gets shot after the new pain-in-the-ass detective, Alice, tricks her.

Reports say the ‘Money Heist’ is going easy with the deets BUT Itziar Ituño or Raquel Murillo said that Season 4 will have the biggest plot twist yet–an enemy within them. Who do you think it is? Hmm.

Is this ‘bella ciao’?

With Season 3 previewing us that the show is nearing its end, Season 4 may just be the last hoorah for our thieve friends. If you’re a part of the “resistance”, you’ll probably get what we mean by “bella ciao“. Unless Netflix decides to continue to show for like 10 more seasons or something? Haha!

Still, we got good news! Alex Pino signed an exclusive deal with Netflix last year. Sooo…there’s a BIG possibility that we’ll be seeing more explosive shows like Money Heist on Netflix! *squeals*

Fans are still hung up after Money Heist’s mindblowing and heartstopping third season (including us). And we can’t take another day waiting for Season 4, so please, Netflix, hurry up!

Will you be catching Money Heist Season 4 when it’s out? Do you think they’ll be successful with their second heist? Share with us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. And stay tuned for more event recaps!