There will always be trolls in the social media space. And Twitter is not exempted from the toxicity in the cloud. But despite that, we still have precious moments of kindness from the Twitter community every now and then.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter has a much more intimate setup. The Twitter community or as most people call it, the Twitterverse, might seem small but the reach it can get is boundless. Though compared to Facebook, it’s a bit smaller. But you get to connect to like-minded people.

However, there will always be moments that you will stumble upon online trolls. Either they are white knight fans, troll accounts or plain political cynics, the toxicity is imminent. But despite the negativity shrouding Twitter, there are still precious people you can find. And we’ve listed the best moments Twitter that we’ve encountered so far.

Billy’s Donut Opening Day

My dad is sad cause no one is coming to his new donut shop 😭

A Twitter user, Billy By, tweeted about his father’s magnificent yet empty donut shop. The donut shop was located in Houston and apparently, it was the opening day. The picture included in the tweet showed the bright yellow and energizing facade of a donut shop. However, it was empty inside. In hopes to boost the sales for the day or just have someone come over, Billy went to Twitter for help. He asked for people nearby to visit the shop and maybe buy a donut or two. Aside from that, he also gave the address of the shop. And after a few retweets, Twitter made its magic.

People rushed to Billy’s Donuts and the shop sold out their donuts and kolaches. Aside from that, Billy wasn’t joking when he said that their donuts are good. Because the people who visited the shop were overwhelmed by the tasty treats they offer. Moreover, they were thankful for the positive surge of reactions from the Twitter people! Ain’t that nice?

Towards Healthy Living

On the other hand, Alexis Matta (@thealexismatta) shared her go-to place in Area 2, Diliman, QC for her healthy food fix.  The organic produce being sold are not only affordable but are also fresh and clean. But that isn’t just the case. The people who visited the produce stall helped local farmers and sellers as well! Hitting two birds with one stone, am I right? So students and working professionals were all over it! Guess a tweet can make a change in its own little way.

Women Supporting Women

And last but not least, Twitter became the outlet and the support system of many. It’s no joke that nowadays, there’s a surge of issues involving sexual harassment. In this viral tweet of Rain (@lorainediamzon), she tweeted certain screenshots that tell about sexual harassment experiences of her friends. Rain showed remorse, disappointment, and disbelief into how the culture grooms society towards the safety of women. And the thing is, her friends were not alone. Other Twitter users replied to her tweet and shared their own personal experiences involving sexual harassment.

Indeed, it’s eye-opening because those are the unsung stories the news don’t deliver. Fortunately, the tweet led people to gather in one safe space and talk about their experiences. Despite being total strangers, they were able to open up and share their thoughts and feelings. In addition to that, other users gave them advice and lend an ear for anything else to come up.

The act and tweets might seem a bit small compared to the grandiose of news and reactions on Facebook. However, Twitter filters out the good and the bad in it. Sad to say, there will always be cynics among us. But to find people who have the same stand as you are relieving. You don’t always get to find a safe space to discuss such things. But hey, Twitter ain’t all bad. Once you get to find and follow the right people, you’ll eventually find yourself surrounded by positivity and support. So don’t falter in the midst of trolls and dummy accounts!

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