Miss Granny Philippines is now showing, and we are in love with the music, not to mention the magic!

Adapted from the hit Korean film with the same title, Miss Granny Philippines is a certified hit earning P57 million in just 5 days! And what we love most about it is the music.

Miss Granny features stars who can sing because the music in this film is lit! Well, in a Miss Granny kind of way.

Listen to the OST here.

Aside from that, the movie is actually a well-written film with an all-star cast. Miss Granny stars Concert Queen of the New Generation Sarah Geronimo, with singer-actor and pop idol James Reid, and another big name, actor Xian Lim.

The three are, guess what? Yep, they’re in a love triangle in the film, along with another gentleman we’d like to hide in the name of Boboy Garovillo. Yep, one-third of The Apo Hiking Society himself.

But the funny about this love triangle is, James Reid character is actually Sarah Geronimo’s grandson!

How did that happen? Well, you see, Sara Geronimo’s character, Miss Granny, was magically transformed into a younger woman when things started to get rough for her. And this little Miss Granny was actually a pretty young thing with the voice of an angel. How can James Reid’s character not fall in love with that?

We all know that IRL James Reid, the actor, is in love with a pretty young thing with the voice of an angel as well. Yep, we’re talking about his on and off-screen love, Nadine Lustre. We’re saying this mostly because we just wanted to mention her, tbh. But also ’cause, yes, for the first time in a while James Reid is partnered up with another actress. And it works really well for the film!

Aside from James Reid, Xian Lim’s character also falls for Miss Granny. How, well, aside from all the things we’ve already told you, how can you not? We’ll leave you to watch the film for yourself to find out exactly.

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